Legit ba ang Traveloka: Six Things You Need To Know

Legit ba ang Traveloka: Six Things You Need To Know

As technology advances and different kinds of apps and websites sprout here and there, it’s only normal to question a newcomer’s legitimacy. So, when a new OTA (online travel agency) like Traveloka comes around, we can’t blame you for being extra careful.

If you’re still wondering if “Legit ba ang Traveloka?”, then here are six reasons why you should download and book with the Traveloka App today:

1. Multiple Payment Methods

If you’re still wary about making online payments with your credit card, Traveloka has other payment methods you can choose from. The app is partnered with multiple providers so you can pay whichever way is most convenient.

2. No Hidden Fees

Face it, we’ve all fallen victim to low published rates. More often than not, websites and apps lure you in with low prices but as soon as you start booking, hundreds if not thousands of pesos are added to the final price. With Traveloka, this is never the case. Published rates are all-in, what you see is what you get.

3. Easy Refund & Reschedule

A sudden change of plans can easily cause you thousands of pesos and hours on the phone. Because of the expected hassle, passengers often opt to forget about the refund. But with Traveloka, you don’t have to go through a long process or even call the airline. You can easily manage, refund and reschedule your flight in the app’s “My booking” tab.

4. Crafted for the Filipino Traveler

Traveloka is fairly new to the Philippine market but it’s been the leading booking app in Indonesia since 2012. Today, the company has expanded not only to the Philippines but to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam as well. Unlike the other apps we’re familiar with, Traveloka was made especially for the ASEAN market.

This means, the app caters to our unique concerns as Filipinos and having a PH office ensures that everything is localized. That’s why you can find features like multiple payment methods that solves the issue for travelers who don’t have a credit card.

5. Exclusive Deals

There is an “Ongoing promos” tab on the website and Traveloka App where you can find the latest deals. More often than not, these deals are app-exclusive so you’ll have to book on the app to use the promo codes.

6. Trusted by Travelers

Since opening shop in the Philippines, Traveloka has partnered with multiple bloggers such as thepoortraveler, Kara Santos of Travel Up, Cai from of Travelosyo and more. These travelers are repeat users of the Traveloka App, and can attest to its reliability.

More than anything, Traveloka is here to make traveling easier for everyone. Whether you’re a first time traveler or an experienced jetsetter, the Traveloka App offers multiple features that will help you during every step of your travels. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Traveloka App now!