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Midori Concept Hotel: The eco-friendly hotel with an indoor garden


An eco-friendly hotel filled with lush greenery that even Greta Thunberg would approve of.

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Escape the hustle and bustle of the city when you stay at the Midori Concept Hotel in Johor Bahru. Stepping into the hotel, it’s like entering a tropical getaway with its natural garden environment. You’ll instantly feel relaxed, surrounded by refreshing greenery. It’s also good to know that the hotel is one of the few eco-friendly hotels in Malaysia. Yep, that’s right! Midori Concept Hotel applies a green concept throughout its building and facilities. Wanna know more about what else the hotel offers? Let’s follow travel writer and content creator Pojie during his staycation!


What’s your first impression of the hotel?

As someone who is into nature, this hotel easily caught my attention. Located in Mount Austin’s business area, the Midori Concept Hotel stands out by having its building cocooned in leafy vines. The moment you step into the lobby area, you’ll immediately feel like you’ve been transported from the hustle and bustle of the city into a pleasant garden area.


What makes the hotel different from the others?

The hotel concept makes guests feel like they’re at a botanical garden even though they are in a city area. The design creates an atmosphere that enables us to appreciate its tranquility while surrounded by modern technology and facilities. All the stress melts away once you step into the hotel!

It’s great that the hotel incorporated energy-efficient designs such as skylights for daylighting. There’s also an indoor garden that helps to purify the air we breathe inside the property.


What can guests expect in their room? 

Each room has a grand Victorian design, you’ll certainly feel like a royal! The color palette and the interior of each room really complement each other, creating a classy yet cozy feeling. This hotel boasts eight types of rooms and each of them is equipped with a TV, a minibar, a working desk, and essential toiletries.

If you’re celebrating something special, the hotel can even prepare your room with special decorations! Simply choose one of its anniversary or honeymoon packages and they’ll do the rest.


Anything to say about the service?

Everyone here was friendly and accommodating. Their hospitality really warmed my heart as they were always asking if there is anything I need or wish to do while staying with them. They’re always ready to fulfill your request. 


Is it worth staying here?
If you happen to be in Johor Bahru, I’d definitely recommend that you stay at the Midori Concept Hotel! You don’t need to spend a lot for a comfortable and unique stay as this property offers rooms at an affordable rate. Plus, it is not too far from eateries, local stores and other attractions in Johor Bahru!


With such a wide range of accommodation options across the country, it can be a challenge to pick the one that’s best for you. To be in the know when it comes to Malaysia’s stand-out stays, keep your eyes peeled for Traveloka’s ‘Super Stays’ posts, a bi-weekly hotel special featuring our top picks!


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