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7 Best Hotels in Langkawi

As Malaysians, we haven’t forgotten about the curse of Mahsuri (thanks to our history books!) and how the curse, according to the locals, set fire to rice fields and granaries in Langkawi. It was once the talk of the town. Whether or not it is true, or whether it is simply a legend, the tale of Mahsuri gives the island an additional attraction that lures not only culture observers but also paradise seekers like many of us. This pristine tropical paradise offers serene beaches, fun water sports, unique rock formations, and many more – just waiting to be explored.

To get here, one can choose to travel by air or land. Cheap flights are available on Traveloka and for a one-way ride that only takes less than an hour, flying is a good option. Why not? A bus journey from Kuala Lumpur can take up to 8 hours! After spending some time on the road, don’t you think you deserve a comfortable place to shelter you during your stay at the island? Well here’s a list of seven of our best picks we thought you might love.

1. Hig Hotel

Hig Hotel Langkawi
Source: Hig Hotel

Suitable for young adults and families, HIG Hotel is a good choice when visiting Kuah. This lovely hotel is strategically located just 3 minutes drive from Kuah Jetty Point Ferry terminal and 20 minutes away from Langkawi International Airport. Due to its location, access to major places is rather easy for most travellers. After a whole day of exploration, lie down or have a sip of refreshing juice by the beach (a stone’s throw away) or take a rest at any time of the day on the hotel’s comfortable beds whilst you tell all your friends and family about your holiday trip using the hotel’s free WiFi. Book this hotel now.

2. Bayview Hotel Langkawi

Bayview Hotel Langkawi
Source: Bayview Hotel Langkawi

Well-rated and reviewed on both Traveloka and TripAdvisor, the Bayview Hotel Langkawi is next on our list a place of stay where you can sit tight, relax and let its friendly hotel staff take care of you until the end of your visit. Like many other four-star hotels, it has good, useful facilities such as free WiFi, restaurant, laundry service, spa, taxi service, and many more. However, it is the outstanding customer service here that keeps bringing guests back to the hotel. There are also travel tours available for you to choose from and if the heat from the hot weather escalates, there’s a big outdoor pool for you to jump into. In terms of location, it is located in the heart of Kuah, just five minutes away from the jetty, or 25 minutes from the Langkawi International Airport. It is in fact an ideal place for golfers to stay as the property is close to a golfing resort. The hotel has got a ballroom and 10 meeting rooms to accommodate up to 800 people. Book this hotel now.

3. Cenang Plaza Beach Hotel

Cenang Plaza Beach Hotel
Source: Cenang Plaza Beach Hotel

Whether you are travelling solo or with friends, for leisure or for business, the Cenang Plaza Beach Hotel’s coziness will leave you with good memories. Nothing here will make you complain too as it offers lots of good facilities to ensure that you’ll have everything you need during your stay at the hotel. Reach out to the 24-hour front desk should you need any assistance, even when you get hungry at night, because you can order some of your favourite dishes from the comfort of your room. Book this hotel now.

4. Adya Hotel Langkawi

Adya Hotel Langkawi
Source: Adya Hotel Langkawi

The picture itself tells a lot about the hotel. The Adya Hotel Langkawi is a beautiful travel accommodation that has accumulated many happy customers. Your day at the pool would be even more amazing when you are joined by your loved ones, and if you need to unwind and rejuvenate, the hotel offers the finest quality of spa treatment. After that, you can savour your favourite dishes (halal), exclusively prepared by the hotel for you before you explore more of the hotel’s facilities. Also, before leaving Langkawi, don’t forget to stop by the hotel’s gift shop to get souvenirs for your friends and family back home. Book this hotel now.

5. Telaga Terrace

Telaga Terrace
Source: Telaga Terrace

A popular choice amongst travellers as it offers easy access to the city centre, the Telaga Terrace is also located not far from the Langkawi International Airport – just 3.13km away. Apart from its good location, the Telaga Terrace is also equipped with all kinds of facilities to ensure that all guests are well served, from having high-speed Internet to swimming in a clean pool on a hot, sunny day. After an action-packed day, one can also go for the finest spa treatment offered by the hotel to get rejuvenated. Book this hotel now.

6. Sunset Beach Resort

Sunset Beach Resort
Source: Sunset Beach Resort

Not bad for a budget hotel, the Sunset Beach Resort is also one of the best hotels in Langkawi listed on our list (after taking into consideration its price and standard). Good location, good price, and good facilities what more can one ask for? The hotel is ideal for both smoking and non-smoking guests and even the most discerning guests would agree that this is a good catch. For charm, comfort and convenience seekers, this is simply right for them. Book this hotel now.

7. Ambong Ambong

Ambong Ambong
Source: Ambong Ambong

For those travelling with a tight budget, Ambong Ambong may be a little bit too much for their pockets to handle, but for others who aren’t on a tight budget, to them, Ambong Ambong is an experience that is worth paying for. Undeniably one of our favourites, the hotel offers a wide range of facilities to cater to the needs of all customers. In terms of location, it is positioned in a strategic location, close to the city’s main attractions such as Pantai Tengah Beach, Underwater World, and many more. For the value you get, Ambong Ambong is certainly Langkawi’s hidden gem that would make you want to come back for more. Book this hotel now.

Likewise, widen your options, because there are plenty of good hotels all around Langkawi! Have you been to any of these hotels? Tell us more!