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7 absolutely must-sees at Safari World Bangkok

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In this week’s episode of Traveloka Travel Guide, let’s follow actor, model, and MMA fighter Peter Davis, his wife Priscilla Lee and two kids Preston and Parker to Safari World Bangkok for some insider tips to help you navigate your trip better!

The Safari World Bangkok is a 480-acre piece of land where animals can roam freely, just like how they would in their natural habitat. You’ll even have the opportunity to feed the giraffes, or watch an Orangutan boxing show. At the Marine Park, you’ll see dolphins and sea lions perform.

Let’s check out what the Davises did and saw on their trip to the biggest drive-in zoo in Thailand!

What’s best about the Safari Park is that it’s a drive-in zoo. While you may take the bus for a 45-minute scenic tour of the park, the Davises drove there, making the trip a lot more exciting!

Along the 8km ride, you’ll be able to see wild animals including tigers, lions, zebras and giraffes. The Davises got there at around 10.00am, just the perfect time to see the lions and tigers being fed.

Next, the family headed towards the Marine Park where they enjoyed the Dolphin Show. A lot of oohs and aahs from Preston and Parker as they watched the dolphins somersaulting up in the air in acrobatic moves!

Next, they enjoyed the Orangutan Boxing Show and had a good laugh watching the primates “fight” each other in a boxing match. Davis also earned a kiss from the Orangutans at the end of the show!

Safari World Bangkok

How cute can the sea lions be at the  Sea Lion Show? Here, Peter participated in throwing a frisbee to a sea lion that had to catch it in exchange for some fishy treats. At the end of the show, visitors can even take a photo with the friendly sea lions!

Safari World Bangkok

The Safari World is not all about the animals. The Western Cowboy Stunt Show is packed with “explosions”, gun fire and fist fights enacted in a hilarious and comical manner — Preston and Parker absolutely loved it!

Safari World Bangkok

Definitely a must-do at Safari World, the Davises fed the giraffes some bananas. Just a tip: Make sure to hold on tight to the chopstick and don’t let it go like what Priscilla did!

Safari World Bangkok

They also visited the Mini World, which is an aviary filled with colorful parakeets. Peter had several parakeets perching on his shoulders and arms! Boy, did the birds love him.

Want to know what else the Davises did at Safari World Bangkok? Watch the full video on our YouTube channel now! Experience this amazing trip by booking your tickets with Traveloka!


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