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7 most outrageous salted egg yolk delicacies in KL & SG as of now

Text by: Imara Natchiar

You thought it was a fad. In fact, not only has this creamy, savory, indulgent treat become a mainstay in Malaysia and Singapore’s list of top food trends, the enigmatic salted egg yolk scene has gotten even more outrageous than ever!

So, what’s the latest salted egg yolk treat that has everyone egg-cited these days? Read on to find out the types of desserts and dishes that are invaded by the salted egg yolk infusion and where in Malaysia and Singapore can you find these scrumptious bites.

The cream of the crop: Molten Salted Egg Yolk Lava Cake by Softcore

Credit to: Softcore Facebook

Why it’s good: Here’s a way to forget everything you’ve ever thought about salted egg yolk from the first forkful. Hint: It’s in the name of this dish! Molten. Lava. Salted. Egg. Yolk. Just look at it! If it’s not oozing with gold, then it doesn’t deserve such a fancy name.

Why it’s outrageous: Moist, fluffy cake with layers of golden, melted salted egg yolk cream encased that streams out as soon as you dip a spoon into the cake’s epicenter. The smooth and silky golden lava drowns the accompanying crunchy cornflakes, curry leaves and rice puffs and once in your mouth, the flavors explode and you’re in a sweet ecstasy.


The Ultraman 3.0 Buttermilk Burger, Myburgerlab

Credit to: Myburgerlab website

Why it’s good: For a burger that got a lot of mixed feedback when it was first introduced, this edition was recently upgraded to the 3.0 version, and made it to become a permanent fixture on the regular menu. So, it must be good, right?

Why it’s outrageous: Because it’s so extra. It’s called the Ultraman (RM19), because it’s a fried chicken thigh, topped with salted egg yolk buttermilk sauce, and if that’s not enough, it’s infused with cili padi and curry leaves.


Salty and sweet: Salted Egg Cronut, Dotty’s

Credit to: Dotty’s Facebook

Why it’s good: We all love a great marriage between food! When Dotty’s first opened its doors in 2016, people swarmed the outlet because word got out that a Cronut — a dream union between a buttery Croissant and a Doughnut — has finally come true.

Why it’s outrageous: Because not only do they have this great marriage happening, Dotty’s also has salted egg doughnut and salted egg ECLAIR on their menu. They seem to think salted egg on all desserts is a good idea, and we’re definitely on board.


Salted egg nasi lemak lobster, Wondermama

Credit to: Wondermama Facebook

Why it’s good: It’s Nasi Lemak. It’s so iconic, even Google made a doodle about it to tell the story of our colorful and vibrant nation. The humble version is made of coconut rice, spicy sambal, hard-boiled egg, cucumber, and peanuts, but this one’s in another league.

Why it’s outrageous: It’s a humble dish made crazy with a twist. LOBSTER? NASI LEMAK? SALTED EGG? It’s not a sham. It’s everything you desire and also what could give you a sleepless night from heartburn!


Charcoal Waffles with Salted Egg Sauce, Fatcat Ice Cream Bar (SG)

Credit to: FATCAT Website

Why it’s good: FATCAT Ice Cream Bar is located around Bedok in East Singapore, and people have claimed that it’s something you’ve gotta try at least once in your life. Maybe because they have a variety of interesting ice cream flavors and other beautiful desserts to choose from?

Why it’s outrageous: Their charcoal waffles drizzled with salted egg sauce and salted caramel sauce is a blissful marriage indeed. It comes with a price tag of S$11.50, of which you get a scoop of premium ice cream and amazingly, waffles that do not get soggy despite drowning in sauce.


Salted Egg Yolk Waffles, Inside Scoop

inside scoop
Credit to: Inside Scoop Facebook

Why it’s good: Of course, Malaysia has to have its valiant equivalent. Inside Scoop’s ice cream is handcrafted from scratch using the finest ingredients with no added artificial flavouring or preservatives. We trust it’d be good as this establishment has often surprised us by pioneering in quirky, local flavours such as durian, cempedak, teh tarik, cendol, kopi peng, and salted gula melaka, and they taste so good!

​Why it’s outrageous:

Don’t just drizzle salted egg sauce all over your crispy charcoal waffles and choice of single, double, or triple ice cream. For added drama and potential cardiac arrest, you’re given a syringe of the sauce to boost your waffle, too. Do the job, doc!


Three Egg Risotto at Froth

Credit to: NJ Relish Facebook

Why it’s good: Froth’s Three Egg Risotto is apparently inspired by the Chinese dish, spinach cooked in superior soup and with three types of eggs. In this Singaporean risotto version, the egginess is light and well-balanced, and very much welcomed to the expanding list of salted egg yolk delicacies.

Why it’s outrageous: As if one type of egg isn’t enough, a mix of salted and century egg is used in the creamy risotto base, which is topped with shards of savory salted egg meringue, and a wobbly onsen egg. We can feel the decadence already.


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