Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh
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Lost World of Tambun: It’s More Than Just a Theme Park

Lost World of Tambun
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Good times are more memorable when shared with the people you love. If you’re seeking for unforgettable thrills for your whole family to enjoy, go to Ipoh, Perak, and visit the Lost World of Tambun!

This is where you’ll experience fun, adventures and even local cultures! That’s because the Lost World of Tambun is more than just a theme park.

You can…

Have a splash of a good time at the Lost World Waterpark

Tambun Lost World Waterpark
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Do you know where Malaysia’s biggest wave pool is located? It’s right at the Lost World Waterpark! At the Jungle Wave Pool, you can experience riding a wave that’s 3-feet high!

Don’t miss the park’s Adventure River too. It’s one of the park’s most popular attractions where visitors can sit on a giant rubber tube and get carried away by the country’s longest man-made adventure river. Sit tight and enjoy the breathtaking view of the limestone hills that await you!

For more splashing adventures, take a ride on the park’s Cliff Racer. All you need to do is slide your way down along the coaster. All the way into the water at maximum speed!

You can have a beachy experience here too, without having to hit the beach! At Sandy Bay (named after its beautiful white sand), there’s enough space for you to bask under the sun while sipping on a refreshingly cold beverage or having a fun volleyball session with your loved ones!

Have an amusing time at the Lost World Amusement Park

Not everyone enjoys getting wet. The Lost World Amusement Park offers many fun rides that are dry and friendly for both kids and adults. Try its Adventure Express, Lupe’s Adventure, Perak Parade, Storm Rider, Giddy Galleon and Dragon Flight for an experience worth telling!

At Adventure Express, parents can join their kids for a “locomotive” journey — where they’ll pass amazing ruins, rapid waters and much more.

For a more thrilling experience, the Lupe’s Adventure is a must-try adventure. This is where you can experience quick, sudden turns and dives on Perak’s first roller coaster! Okay, put your hands in the air!

The Dragon Flight will give you a similar kind of excitement too. It’s a ride that will swing you around in the air. Warning: It’s extremely fun and will make you dizzy after your first ride. If it doesn’t, please go for round 2!

Discover 55 species of animals at the Lost World Petting Zoo

Tambun Lost World Petting Zoo
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Another cool attraction to explore is the Lost World Petting Zoo — home to 55 species of interesting animals. This educational experience will introduce you to the park’s Rabbit Wonderland, Tortoise Kingdom, Bird Paradise, Serpentarium and more.

Kids love Rabbit Wonderland. Here they can pet rabbits of all kinds (really cute ones!) or go fishing in its man-made river.

The Rainforest Trail is another one of the park’s most popular attractions. It’s a magical place, especially for nature lovers. If you wish to experience nature in abundance and be surrounded by wild animals like squirrels, monkeys, deers and more, this place is definitely for you!  

Watch the largest wild cats in action

Tiger at Tambun
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While it’s common to see small domestic cats roaming around the streets, watching big wild cats is a whole different story.

Did you know that tigers are the largest wild cats? They represent strength and bravery, and for that reason they are Malaysia’s iconic animal. Even the national football team “Harimau Malaya” was named after them.

If you want to be amazed by their power, strength and agility, the park’s Tiger Feeding Show is definitely not to be missed!

The show runs every day (including weekends, school holidays and public holidays) at 3.00pm and 4.00pm.

Rejuvenate at the Lost World Hot Springs and Spa by Night

After spending most of your time outside, it’s time to stay indoors and pamper yourself at the park’s wonderful hot springs. They offer 100% natural minerals that will help you rejuvenate after the long, exhausting day!

Kids are not excluded from this rejuvenating experience. The Saphira’s Lair is exclusively made for children, but adults are welcomed too. In the evening when the sun sets, the luminous lights come alive.

The park’s Infinity Pool on the other hand is meant to be a spa that can accommodate up to 300 people. This hot spring offers beautiful and tranquil sounds of a volcanic waterfall. Sounds like a wonderful experience, doesn’t it?

Enjoy Tambun’s night entertainment and local flavors

Nightlife in Tambun
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After your pampering session, take a walk at Ipoh Street, an attraction modeled after Ipoh town’s famous streets. Here you can try Ipoh’s popular food and perhaps bring some back home with you too!

As you munch your snacks while you walk, watch the park’s Flaming Percussions. This group of talented fire eaters, jugglers and percussionists perform amazing stunts and dances (don’t try them at home!), accompanied by blazing fire and catchy beats.

The fun continues with you getting into the Zorb Ball, a big hamster ball you can roll in. All the way onto the beach!

Wow! With all kinds of activities you can enjoy at the Lost World of Tambun, you’ll never run out of activities to do! =)