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Lost Seoul no more: All you need to know about Korail Pass

Nami Island, Korea

You have it all envisioned in your head —  wake up in hip and happening Hongdae, walk leisurely to the railway station with a kimbap in one hand, and your smartphone in the other, and hop into a train to Gangwon. By traveling on your own, you won’t need to zip past attractions, and you’re more likely to see more of Korea, even commute to Busan for some zombies… just kidding.

If this sounds like your traveling style, then naturally, getting an all-you-can-ride Korail Pass may be in your consideration. But, is the Korail Pass really worth your $$$? Let’s find out.


What is a Korail Pass?

Just like Europe’s Eurail Pass and Japan’s JR Pass, South Korea’s Korail Pass allows foreigners to ride on almost all trains operated by KORAIL. What’s exciting is that the Pass also includes Korea Train Express (KTX), which links Seoul in the north to Busan in the southern tip of the Korean peninsula.

There’s more! The Korail Pass also gives the holder additional discounts on selected accommodations such as Four Points by Sheraton and Hotel Designers, and tourist attractions including the National Museum of Korea, Seoul Land and Shinsegae Duty-Free store.


Which Korail Pass do you need?

The pass comes in two versions — consecutive and selected/flexible. A consecutive pass is valid for three or five days in a row, starting from the first time you use the pass. For a selected/flexible pass, you have the freedom to choose any two or four days within 10 days from the date you start using the pass. All in all, these are the options you’ll have:

  • Two-day selected pass
  • Three-day consecutive pass
  • Four-day selected pass
  • Five-day consecutive pass

Price categories are according to fares for adults (aged from 13 years old) and children (aged between six to 12 years old). Children under six years old ride for free as long as they are accompanied by a fare-paying guardian. Do note that the rule is applicable for only one child per guardian.

Tip: If you are traveling in a group of two to five passengers, get the Saver Pass for additional discounts.


Where can you go with your Korail Pass?

Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan

The Korail Pass gives access to the following metro lines:

  • KTX-Sancheon
  • ITX-Samaeul
  • ITX-CheongChun
  • Samaeul
  • Mugunghwa
  • Nuriro
  • O-train
  • V-Train
  • S-train
  • DMZ-train
  • A-train
  • Westgold-train

Note: The Korail Pass is not applicable for SRT, subway and temporary train.


How much is a Korail Pass and how can you purchase it?

Type Normal Saver
Adult Child
Two-day selected pass 121,000 Won 61,000 Won 111,000 Won
Three-day consecutive pass 138,000 Won 69,000 Won 128,000 Won
Four-day selected pass 193,000 Won 97,000 Won 183,000 Won
Five-day consecutive pass 210,000 Won 105,000 Won 200,000 Won

*Correct at the time of publication

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Some important things to remember

  • Korail Pass must solely be used by the person whose name is written on the pass.
  • Changing your personal information or pass type is not possible after the purchase. However, you are subjected to only one-time change of the first date of travel with Korail Pass before the pass commences.
  • Bring your printed Korail Pass e-voucher and passport to obtain a physical ticket before you are allowed to board the train.
  • You must reserve your seat before boarding the train, one month prior to your departure.


So, is Korail Pass worth your $$$?

If Busan, Jeonju, and Gangwon are part of your South Korea itinerary, and you want to zip across the country with the convenient and comfortable Korea Train Express (KTX), definitely! We have done a little homework and buying KTX tickets at the counter would cost you more, so getting the Korail Pass would give you more bang for your won.

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