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Good ol’ kiddy fun at LEGOLAND Malaysia

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Many of us would have had vivid childhood memories of constructing homes, boats and spaceships with LEGO, the colourful plastic toy bricks ubiquitous in most households since 1949.

Now, can you imagine these bright, colorful LEGO buildings and vehicles becoming larger-than-life? LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is one of the six LEGOLANDs in the world (the others being in Denmark, Germany, Japan, Dubai and the United States) and the only one in Southeast Asia. The theme park, including its rides, are built to resemble the very toy building brick structure itself. Take a walk in a park with models of Asian cities and landmarks made entirely out of LEGO bricks and by the end of the stroll, we guarantee it will bring out the kid in you!

In this week’s episode of Traveloka Travel Guide, follow actor, model, and MMA fighter Peter Davis, his wife Priscilla Lee and two kids Preston and Parker on exhilarating rides and shows as they give you some insider tips to help you navigate your trip better!

LEGOLAND Malaysia is located in Nusajaya, Johor, about 300 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur and just an hour’s drive away from Singapore. This makes the theme park a perfect detour for those heading into or out of the Lion City on a fam-bam trip. So, head over to this adventure-filled land that not only promises a lot of ohhs-and-ahhs for the entire family, but also an educational trip for the kids.

At 76 acres and with more than 70 rides and attractions, LEGOLAND Malaysia requires some navigation skills to maximize your day here. Not quite sure where to start? We’ll break it down to to you and give you tips on the highlights and must-dos. Let’s go!


LEGO TechnicLEGOLAND Malaysia

Try out The Great Lego Race roller coaster which is like no other! You’ll be wearing a VR headset and the ride will transport you into the LEGO dimension. Compared with other rides in the park, this is certainly the most impressive one, especially if you have kids who are up for an adrenaline rush!


LEGO AcademyLEGOLAND Malaysia

With a huge bust of Albert Einstein made of LEGO toy bricks on the front of the building, no wild guesses on what the LEGO Academy is about: Here, you can test your car-assembling skills and race against other participants, construct building towers and put it to test via a simulated earthquake at Build & Test.


LEGO KingdomsLEGOLAND Malaysia

The medieval-themed area of the park is home to The Dragon roller coaster. LEGO’s die-hard fans will instantly recognize this classic-looking train modelled after the LEGO dragon. Again, don’t let its friendly appearance fool you. As the roller coaster climbs uphill, you’ll be taken through a passageway with cool, animated LEGO models. But it has some pretty exhilarating twists and turns that will guarantee some high-pitched screams and laughter of excitement. The Dragon is more suitable for older kids and adults. For younger kids who are brave at heart, there is a mini version called The Dragon’s Apprentice.


LEGO Ninjago WorldLEGOLAND Malaysia

Put on the 3D glasses for LEGO Ninjago The Ride and control the elements of fire, earth, lightning and ice with your bare hands, thanks to the sensor technology in the room! You’ll also be immersed in a 4D surrounding, as you are ‘teleported’ into stunning battlefield arenas. This ride doesn’t have age restriction so parents and their younger kids can also enjoy!


Land of AdventureLEGOLAND Malaysia

Once you are in the Land of Adventure, head over to Dino Land, one of the wettest rides in the park. Its sheer size is already enough to make you sweat. What’s really fun about this ride is that the boat ride starts really slow, which allows you to enjoy the scenery of the park and watch animated LEGO dinosaurs. But once that anticipation build-up is done, brace yourself to crash down into the water with a huge splash. Staying dry would be your ultimate challenge for this ride!


MinilandLEGOLAND Malaysia

At the heart of LEGOLAND is the much-loved, true-to-life miniature version of Asia’s iconic cities and landmarks. Built with over 30 million LEGO bricks, Miniland is a magnificent masterpiece that showcases famous attractions from 17 Asian countries such as the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore’s Merlion, India’s Taj Mahal and even Johor’s own unique landmarks. Many of the icons and attractions are animated at the touch of a button, so visitors of all ages can enjoy the sights, sounds and splendor of every work of art.


While you’re at the theme park, make sure to also visit the Water Park to cool off and enjoy a splashing fun time with your little ones!

Red RushLEGOLAND Malaysia

Get into a circular raft and enjoy one of the scariest rides in the water park. Make sure to hold on to the sides as the raft gathers speed through the long, curved track!


Tidal TubeLEGOLAND Malaysia

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, grab a tube and splash down the enclosed tunnel at Tidal Tube. As it is enclosed, you’ll have no idea what to expect and literally go with the flow as the slide bends and curves downwards!


Joker SoakerLEGOLAND Malaysia

Joker Soaker is a huge water playground with spacious areas for kids to climb and explore. The highlight of the playground is the giant bucket that is gradually filled with water. Watch out, for when it reaches its maximum capacity, it tips over and spills water on you!

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is the perfect place if you’re looking to spend quality time with your kids (or nephews and nieces, we won’t judge!). If you’re a major LEGO fan, you’ll find that the LEGOLAND Malaysia theme park will still have you grinning like a kid with ice cream at the end of the day!


Follow Peter Davis and his family as they embark on a fun-filled adventure across Southeast Asia to explore the best theme parks and attractions. In each episode, the Davis family will give you tried-and-true tips on some of the most fun activities and rides!

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