Discovering Indonesia: Top 5 Reasons Why Indonesia Needs to Be On Your List
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Discovering Indonesia: Top 5 Reasons Why Indonesia Needs to Be On Your List

Discovering Indonesia: Top 5 Reasons Why Indonesia Needs to Be On Your List

Those who have already been to Indonesia can surely agree that Indonesia is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world. It’s an archipelago with many unique cultures and heritages. The food is great, the ocean view is breathtaking, the volcanoes are majestic and the lush jungles are a haven to some of the rarest animal species.

Indonesia is indeed a wonderful place to travel. And I don’t just mean Bali. I am referring to the whole country. And while I can give you countless reasons to why I think Indonesia is wonderful, the top 5 reasons are enough to keep you coming back to this beautiful country.

1. The Komodo National Park is home to giant lizards

The Komodo National Park is home to giant lizards

As pictured on fictional stories and legendary tales, a dragon is a mythical creature. In the European tradition, it’s described as a giant reptile that breathes and blows fire, and tends to symbolize evil. However, in East Asia it represents fertility and is associated to heaven and water.

The only dragons that live today do not breathe and blow fire (fortunately!), and they can be found at the Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia. Being the world’s biggest lizards, the ferocious Komodo Dragons are often regarded as the closest things we have to dinosaurs.

So what makes Indonesia wonderful? Well, it’s the only place where you can see the dragons! If you want to catch these dragons in action, head over to the Komodo National Park now.

2. The people are as beautiful as the country

The people are as beautiful as the country
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There’s no doubt that Indonesia is beautiful. I mean, have you seen the pictures? Fly to the country now and be amazed by the real thing. Oh, the people are just so warm, friendly and generous. They’re as beautiful as their country, inside and out.

It’s said that big cities are filled with people who are always rushing, never helping. . It may be true to a certain extent, but trust me, you can even find the nicest people in the middle of a hectic city like Jakarta.

As you go further into the country’s rural areas, you’ll encounter more amiable, compassionate, generous and caring people. They will host you and let you stay at their homes, show you around, tell you all about their culture and even invite you to a local wedding (that happens very often!).

3. Indonesia is home to a vast variety of animal species

It’s home to a vast variety of animal species

Some of the rarest and most protected animals can be found in Indonesia. The Indonesian islands, also known as the lost world of Asia, are where some of these creatures can be found. Despite the many disasters that have happened since the beginning of time, these islands continue to become sanctuaries for the unknown and lesser known animal species.

The country’s most popular apes, the Orangutans, are one of the country’s biggest highlights. They attract a large amount of tourists each year, particularly to Sumatra.

But why Sumatra? That’s because it’s the only place where you can actually see these loveable Orangutans in the wild. You can also see them roam freely in the jungles of Borneo. And Orangutans are very smart creatures. There are actually YouTube videos of them acting like they’re one of us, doing things like washing clothes, sawing wood and other everyday stuff!

Apart from the Orangutans, Sumatra is also home to some critically endangered animals such as the Sumatran Rhinoceros, Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Ground-Cuckoo and the Sumatran Elephant.

4. It’s the birthplace of the world’s super-volcano

Indonesia is the birthplace of the world’s super-volcano

Did you know that the human race was nearly wiped out by a super-volcano named ‘Toba’ 75,000 years ago? When it came alive last year, many feared that the same catastrophic event would happen again.

There is a natural lake that occupies the caldera of the super-volcano called “Lake Toba,” which is the largest lake in Indonesia. In fact, it’s the largest volcanic lake in the world.

Even with this violent past, Lake Toba is one of the world’s most popular travel attractions. The rejuvenating hot springs are one reason why.

Apart from the natural sights, you can also visit the Batak Museum. The Lake Toba area is home to the Batak people. To learn more about the community, visit the ruins of an old Batak village and  get close to some of its ancient tools and furniture.

5. Some of the weirdest rituals and cultural practices can be experienced here

Some of the weirdest rituals and cultural practices can be experienced in Indonesia
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Every country has its own local cultures and every local culture has its own one-of-a-kind attraction. If you’ve checked out 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bali at Least Once in Your Lifetime, you may have realized that some of the most bizarre traditions can be found in Bali. In fact, many parts of Indonesia are very superstitious.

Take Ma’nene tradition in Sulawesi as an example. In a place called Tana Toraja, bodies of the deceased are groomed and dressed in new clothes before they are ‘walked’ around the village. This event takes place every year in the month of August. It’s  how the locals say ‘goodbye’ to their loved ones who have passed on.

In West Java on the other hand, the participants of the Debus Martial Arts express their religious faith in a different and painful way. The event involves dangerous acts such as cutting oneself with knives, chewing on glass, eating fire and doing other self-inflicting actions. These acts are driven by the idea of having a strong faith in God. If one fully believes in God, they shall not be harmed. Which ones of these 5 reasons intrigue you the most? Give this pristine archipelago a chance to prove to you that it is after all a great place to visit. Big dragons, awesome people, rare flora and fauna, stunning volcanic mountains and some of the most bizarre rituals. Aren’t you curious to see it all for yourself?

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