Burano, Italy
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Color your world: 18 of the most colorful places to add to your 2017 travel list

Burano, Italy

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According to local folklore, the fishermen of the Venetian village of Burano painted their homes in jewel tones so that they could easily find their way home from the sea. Nowadays, the buildings act as a siren call to visitors.


Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa

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Situated on the slopes of Signal Hill, Bo-Kaap is Cape Town’s Muslim enclave and is known for its brightly-colored homes and cobbled streets. Formerly known as the Malay Quarter (named for the slaves taken from the Malaysian Archipelago), it’s one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods.


Malacca, Malaysia

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Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage City, Malacca is home to centuries of history and diverse culture. As part of the Malacca River restoration project, the city has since given the surrounding waterfront buildings a fresh coat of paint in the form of wall murals.


Barcelona, Spain

Park Guell
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Park Güell is a must-visit attraction when in Barcelona. The park was designed by renowned Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, with whimsical mosaics and ornate sculptures that will have you feeling as though you stepped into a baroque masterpiece.

Jaipur, India

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Located in Northern India, the capital of Rajasthan is also known as the Pink City.

In 1876, prior to a visit by the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria, Jaipur’s Maharaja Ram Singh had the city painted pink to welcome them, as it was considered the color of hospitality. Its main buildings has since maintained a pink hue, the most outstanding being Hawa Mahal, or the Palace of the Winds.

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Caminito (“little walkway” or “little path” in Spanish) is a street museum and a traditional alley located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca. The street has great cultural significance, as it was the inspiration behind the famous tango song, “Caminito”.


Hoi An, Vietnam

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Hoi An, which translates to “peaceful meeting place” in Vietnamese, is a languid, historical city.  

Its Ancient Town, drenched in shades of yellow, is a well-preserved exemplar of what a Southeast Asian trading port looked like between the 15th to 19th centuries.


Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

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Gamla Stan is Stockholm’s old quarter, and one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe. Lined with vividly painted buildings and charming squares, you’ll want to take your time exploring its narrow, cobbled alleyways.


Jinhae, Changwon, South Korea

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Home to South Korea’s merriest cherry blossom festival, the southern city welcomes millions of visitors from near and far in early April, when the blossoms are at their peak.

Two of the best places to view the cherry blossoms are at Yeojwacheon Stream (pictured above) and Gyeonghwa Train Station.


Chefchaouen, Morocco

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Nestled among the peaks of Morocco’s Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen is a maze of cerulean-washed buildings. There are many theories as to why the town is primarily painted blue, but the color is said to symbolize the sky and heaven, serving as a reminder to lead a virtuous life.


Havana, Cuba

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Littered with classic American cars and the pastel-hued old buildings of Habana Vieja, it’s as though Havana is frozen in the 1950s. Swaggering with heritage and art, the charismatic capital and its residents never do anything halfway, from their food to their music.  


Pattaya, Thailand

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The lively resort city of Pattaya is a popular destination for those looking to have fun, filled with bars and clubs pumping loud music. However, it also has its share of more family-oriented activities, such as shopping centers and cultural attractions.


Wroclaw, Poland

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While pronouncing the city’s name might pose a bit of a challenge (it’s “vrots-wahf”), it’s easy to fall in love with Wroclaw. Beyond its picturesque market square, it’s known as a cultural hub, hosting several major festivals and a buzzing nightlife.


Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Australia

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Brighton Beach is arguably Melbourne’s most iconic beach, with its candy-colored bathing boxes reminiscent of those traditionally found on English beaches.

Back in the Victorian era, the huts were used by ladies to change in and out of their bathing costumes, but now they’re mainly a popular background for photos.


Little India, Singapore

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The House of Tan Teng Niah is a focal point for visitors dropping by Singapore’s ethnic enclave of Little India, thanks to its psychedelic color palette.

The villa is said to have been built by prominent Chinese businessman Tan Teng Niah for his wife back in the 1900s. It is now one of the last surviving Chinese villas in Little India.


Nyhavn waterfront, Copenhagen, Denmark

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When people picture Copenhagen, they’ll often think of the soft-hued waterfront buildings and old sailing ships of Nyhavn. It was also where famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen dreamed up several of his beloved fairytales, as he lived there for many years during his lifetime.


Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

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Akihabara, also known as Tokyo’s Electric Town, is a haven for anime geeks and gadget freaks. Its neon signs act as beacons for stores peddling wares, attracting otakus (fanboys/fangirls) from around the world.


Pelourinho, Salvador, Brazil

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Pelourinho is a UNESCO World Heritage Site brimming with colorful colonial buildings and grandiose churches. But Salvador’s old town is not only for tourists, as it is still a lively community center, especially for schools of capoeira, dance, and music.


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