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Because You Are Beautiful: 13 Travel Beauty Hacks for Women on the Go!

Irrespective of how and where we like to travel to, there is always one constant – the holiday pictures must be fantastic! Whether it is a volunteering stint in Cambodia or a hiking trip through Patagonia, we still silently hope for that flushed, flawless look for our Instagram post.

Question: How are you going to look fabulous, when your trip hardly leaves any time for the daily beauty routine? Here are bunch of obvious and not-so-obvious beauty hacks and tips that will leave you looking fresh and beautiful on your next trip.

1. Before the big trip

Before you whisk away to your holiday or La-La land, take some time off and get yourself a good facial, possibly with a scrub. This will help to prepare your skin for altering moisture levels (talk dry cabin air) and will take care of that about-to-sprout zit well in advance.

Homemade scrub
Treat yourself to a facial scrub before the vacay.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

By hydrating, we don’t only mean packing 1 or 2 hydrating masks with your beauty essentials. Drink plenty of water while you are on the go. Water acts as a natural cleansing agent, aiding digestion and removing impurities, the result of which of course is a glowing happy skin.

Drink water
There’s nothing that works better than a glass of water.

3. Swipe and wipe

If you are the type who refuses to carry a pouch-sized moisturizer or face spritz when you travel, then make a pack of wet-wipes your best travel buddy.

You may not realize it but your skin is exposed to a lot of dust and dirt when you are outdoors, especially at the beach or a hiking trail. A two-second swipe with a wet-tissue is all you need to wipe off the dust from your face to keep your skin clean.

Wet wipes
Wet wipes make for a nifty essential in your travel kit.

4. Keep the sweat and the smell away

One of the best ways to feel fresh at all times is to spritz yourself with some deodorant or perfume to keep the sweat stench away. Pack a good anti-bacterial or anti-perspirant deodorant to avoid that nasty armpit rash.

Alternatively, stock up on some freebie perfume samples from your trips to Sephora. These miniature (and free) perfume bottles make for the perfect travel accompaniments.

Perfume bottle
Smell good, always.

5. Coconut oil to the rescue

Struggling with luggage space? Cannot fathom packing three different face cream tubes into your travel kit? Just throw in a small bottle filled with coconut oil or petroleum jelly.

These humble products can be used as moisturizers for the skin and lips, make-up removers, for soothing sun-burnt skin, on nail cuticles as well as hair conditioners. It’s like your personal stylist in a bottle without the hefty price tag!

Coconut oil
Coconut oil will provide you with multiple beauty benefits.

6. Give your hair a dry bath

So you’ve gone for three days without a proper hot shower and are dealing with hair equivalent to a lion’s mane.

Solution: Carry a dry shampoo. A life saving beauty product, all you need to do is to sprinkle the dry shampoo on the roots of your hair and comb through. The powder will absorb the excess oil and give you back your shiny hair.

Tip: To prevent knotting of hair when you sleep, use a silk pillowcase or tie your hair up in a loose bun.

Dry shampoo
Get ready for the impromptu date night with some dry shampoo. Source: Heidi Uusitorppa / Flickr

7. For your eyes only

Hours of map reading, texting, photography and irregular sleeping patterns will make your eyes dry at the end of the day and give you those much dreaded eye bags. Keep your eyes moist by using eye drops and pack in a simple cotton eye mask that will allow you to take a nap wherever you want.

Also, make sure to remove all the eye makeup and dab your eyes with some compact before you sleep, for that fresh dewy look.

Eye mask
Just a simple eye mask will do wonders in helping you recover sleep and getting rid of eye bags.

8. Nail it!

While we love that bright dash of colors on our nails, it may be possible that your nail paint might start to chip in a few days revealing a slightly yellowed nail. To avoid such an incident, give your nails a coat either with a translucent base coat or select neutral colours.

Not only are these easier to maintain, it will also make your hands look cleaner. You can also keep your cuticles soft by rubbing them with some coconut oil.

Tip: For long-term travel, you can consider getting a gel nail paint which has a longer shelf life than regular polishes.

Pastel nails
Simple nail colors are the best for long traveling plans.

9. UV protect yourself at all times

Regardless of where you holiday, always protect your skin and eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun which often cause spotting and anti-ageing. Pack a sunscreen (SPF 50) to prevent skin damage from the sun and throw in a pair of your favourite sunnies/polaroid’s in your travel kits.

Remember you want to return from your trip with a healthy travel tan and not severely damaged skin!

Stay sun safe!

10. Bold is the new beautiful

Upgrade your haggard day traveller’s look into a fresh and fun look by a simple application of your favourite bold lipstick for a night out in town. Select from your beloved bright reds and flirty pinks to transform yourself to the Katie Perry of the travel world!

For an even sexier look, get on-board your smokey eyes and a high ponytail which is great for a bad-hair day.

Bold makeup
Pack your best reds and pinks.

11. Invest in some multi-purpose make-up

While you are on the road, you definitely don’t want to waste time standing hours in front of the mirror and getting your makeup right. But there’s no harm in a quick ten minute touch-up.

Pack in some make-up which can be used in different ways. For example, you could use your bronzer as an eye shadow or your lipstick as a blush. Not only does this provide versatility to your make-up, but it also saves up on a lot of space.

Makeup travel bag
Be smart when it comes to packing your make-up.

12. Be mindful of what you put in your mouth

Yes, you are on a holiday and have every right to enjoy yourself. But do exercise some caution when it comes to consuming an excessive amount of junk food.

Pepper your meals with some healthy intakes of fresh local fruits, probiotics and lean cuts of meat to avoid an oily skin and holiday acne.

Healthy salad
Try sticking to healthy meals.

13. Follow the local beauty trends

When it comes to skin care and beauty, we all have our own preferences in brands and products. But since you are out to explore a new country and culture, indulge in some local beauty routines.

Whether it means using thanaka powder as a natural sunscreen in Burma or sandalwood oil as an antioxidant in India; you will definitely reap the benefits of these local beauty secrets.

Tip: Before using a local product, carefully study the ingredients to avoid allergies.

Burmese girls thanaka
Go local. Source: Aleksandar Todorovic / Shutterstock.com

Now that you are armed with these beauty travel hacks, go ahead Ladies and make the best of your travels!