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A quick guide to the new, no-party Boracay

Hey, beach bums, have you heard? Boracay is back in business! But — hold up! — the island now imposes a set of stringent rules: no beach parties, no water sports, no booze, a cap of 19,000 tourists on the island at any one time, among many others. The do’s and don’ts (mostly don’ts) are set in place to avoid the Philippine paradise from returning to its former “cesspool” state that led to a six-month shutdown.

If you have been waiting for the reopening of Boracay, good news — your six-month wait is over. But first, here’s everything you need to know about the new Boracay.


The new Boracay’s do’s and dont’s

We know what you’re thinking — “Man, it looks like a lot of rules!” But, just picture yourself lounging around the White Beach peacefully, enjoying the serene environment, minus the rowdy parties and peddlers selling souvenirs. Indeed these restrictions are in place for a better and cleaner Boracay. 


“So, what’s left to do in Boracay?”

A-ha, we caught you! Well, the answer is plenty! Although a lot of activities on the island are restricted or suspended due to rehabilitation of the island, there are still some activities you can enjoy. Here’s a quick check of what you can do in Boracay.

And, did we mention serene beaches? By serene, we mean clean and decongested beaches! We don’t know about you, but we like ourselves a quiet beach — none of the parties or crowds — just water and the sun. Ah, sounds like a trip!

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