Holidays Are Healthy
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7 Reasons Why Holidays Are Healthy

You worked really hard for yourself – and when it paid off, you felt like you were on top of the world. But after all that hard work, don’t you think your body needs a break? Even if you’re trying to get your peers and superiors to notice your hard work, you and everybody else deserve some time off too. Don’t be ashamed to ask for one! Remember, you shouldn’t overwork your body. Here are 7 reasons why holidays are truly healthy for you.

1. You Can Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body and Soul

ou Can Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body and Soul
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What’s a perfect holiday? Well if you ask me, I’d describe it as one that allows me to spend quality time with myself! Most of us take short holidays, simply because we have lots of everyday things to do, such as work, school, and so on. Time is not always a friend. For that reason, I would grab any chance to spend time at the spa – get my nails done, have my scalp massaged, or soak my body in a jacuzzi. Sometimes I’ll have my own spa session – from the comfort of my hotel room! That will of course require a bathtub, some nice spa soaps, and a few scented candles. I still do my own spa sessions at home, in the weekends, because it is something I can afford.

Besides spa, I also enjoy sitting on the beach, listening to Putumayo music, or sometimes with no music at all; just the sound of the ocean. By doing this, I get to isolate myself from a lot of things – even for just a little while. It’s a great way to help me evaluate my life and happiness. It basically helps calm my mind, body and soul.

2. You get to exercise more

Exercise More
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Okay, I’m not saying that you should do less exercise when you’re not on a holiday. It’s just that we tend to get so caught up with our daily routines and end up not exercising at all. Let’s face it. How many times on average do we spend on exercise weekly? For some, not at all. NADA! Taking a holiday means that you’ll have more time for yourself. Take the opportunity to do things you don’t regularly do (especially if you’re a busy working parent), such as hiking in the mountains or camping in the woods. Well, not everyone wants to go for an adventure. If you want a more laid-back vacation (you want to relax, remember?), perhaps spend your next holiday on an island, and run by the beach or explore the island by cycling. Hey, kayaking with a bunch of people you’ve just met sounds fun too! To all students out there, whenever there is a school holiday, be sure to enjoy it to the fullest!

3. You Get to Taste More Freedom

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There are many things we wish we could do, but things like our day jobs and other sort of commitments limit our chances of accomplishing them. We’re always wishing but not doing. Whilst many of us do not get the chance to take holidays whenever we want, the idea of taking holidays is crucial. Nobody is meant to work 365 days a year, although there are individuals who feel happier when working throughout the year without a day off! No matter what job you have, you have every right to go out and treat yourself to some fun and relaxation. Paid or unpaid, it’s always good to remind yourself that holidays also mean more freedom (like a lot more!). These are the days that require you to do nothing but rest! Holidays are also the days when you can do whatever you like, such as switch off your phones or those email notifications. When I was in school, school holidays were my favourite times of the year. No lectures and no homework. Just a lot of good rest and fun times!

4. You Will Meet New People and Create More Memories

Meet new people
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One of the perks of travelling is you get to meet new people and make some new friends. Even in short vacations you get to swap numbers, emails and Facebook contacts with people from all over the world! This will require you to socialise, of course. Mingling with people is good because you get to share stories and laughter, improve your social skills and expand your connections. I love meeting funny individuals. I met several of them, who are now my friends, and they never fail to make me laugh. These are the kind of people I need to cheer me up especially on rough days. In fact, meeting new people during your holidays also adds spice to your days. You’ll have nice memories to bring back with you and they would inspire you in many ways. Travel now and you’ll know what I mean.

5. You Get More Quality Sleep

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Working can be stressful and because of that many of us are not able to enjoy our sleep; maybe because we are over-worried, over-thinking, or not used to sleeping early. I am one of those people! Whatever has caused your lack of sleep, you should take advantage of your holidays and give what your body needs – more sleep. When you have better sleep, you will feel rejuvenated and more energised. The next time you come back to work, your ‘panda eyes’ will be less visible and you’d feel a lot more productive.

6. Holidays Remind You That Happiness is in Your Hands

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The stress at work or at home can sometimes pull your spirit down. You may feel depressed and think again about the meaning of your life. Are you just working for money? Are you not enjoying your life enough? Does taking some days off mean you don’t work hard enough? A lot of these thoughts will be messing with your mind and demotivate you. That’s why a holiday is what you need! I’ve read articles that criticised people who travel  – the fact that many of them treat it as an easy way of “escaping life”. Whilst some actually do that, the majority of us do it simply to take a break and give ourselves a chance to experience new things. Everyone deserves a break; including you!

7. You Get to Spend More Time with Your Loved Ones

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For those who barely have time for holidays, maybe now is the time for you to take a break. On the other hand, workaholics who have spent one whole year trying hard to meet deadlines and achieve KPIs need to do the same too. Yes, for a lot of people career advancement is highly important – but what happens when they put their work before their health? They fall sick. Taking holidays are healthy because it “forces” the body to stop doing what it has always been doing – work. Holidays also let you spend more time with those who matter to you – your family. You get to stay at home or stay out with them, doing things you enjoy the most, without having to worry about work. All these make you happy. Being happy improves your health.

My last words for everyone out there: Work hard, play harder! 🙂