5 Bizarre Restaurants Made for the Curious Foodie
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5 Bizarre Restaurants Made for the Curious Foodie

We go to restaurants for one common reason – to eat. For trendy eateries, it’s more about the experience. Whether you’re coming for just the food or for both the food and experience, here are five restaurants around the world that are so bizarre you might want to blog about them!

#1 Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky

If dining above ground level has always been in your wildest dream, then you need to go to Belgium for an unforgettable dinner in the sky! Let’s hope you’re not afraid of heights – or are you?

In this experience of a lifetime, guests are lifted up as high as 160 feet in the air, strapped into “dining chairs”, along with a table, a waiter, and everything needed to complete the whole dining experience. Due to its popularity, the concept has been introduced in many cities around the globe, such as London and Montreal.

Let’s hope it reaches a city near you!

#2 Ninja New York Restaurant

 Ninja New York Restaurant

Want to know what it’s like to eat among ninjas? Ninja New York Restaurant will take you in for the experience. I seriously hope the restaurant offers Ninja-speed service too. If yes, fly me to New York City now!

As diners walk in, they will be greeted by waiters in black costumes who look like they come from a 15th-century Japanese feudal village. If the Ninjas suddenly tumble next to you, just relax – that’s part of the show! Also, keep a good eye on their moves.

You’ll notice that they’ll constantly sneak in and out of the restaurant’s passageways, roam freely, entertain diners with all kinds of cool tricks, and serve you sushi and sake. For all the wonderful gimmicks they manage to pull, I think they deserve an applause!

#3 Toilet Restaurant

Toilet Restaurant

What’s the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the name Toilet Restaurant? From the sound of it, it seems like an alarming concept. But in reality it’s not like that.

Curious? Okay, this is how you dine here you sit on ‘toilet seats’, and then get served with meals that remind you of the unpleasant bathroom moments you recently had. Well, hard to imagine, right? Google it now for a better picture of what I’m talking about. And if you just did, then you’d know that it’s not bad…at all!

People all over the world come to the Toilet Restaurant to dine – not to torture themselves, but because the food served actually tastes real good. Available across Asia, the restaurant has gained a reputation not only for its unique concept, but also for its good service.

#4 Hobbit House

Hobbit House

If this is what you’re picturing right now, the Hobbit House in Manila is not quite like it. Some of the world’s smallest waiters can be found in the Philippines, always keeping themselves busy at the Hobbit House a place where individuals with dwarfism like them feel accepted and not discriminated for their size.

Also known as ‘Unano’ in the Philippines, or ‘little people’ as how they prefer to be called, they live and work as a community, in the bar founded by former Peace Corp volunteer, Jim Turner. The Hobbit House’s waiters may be small, but they sure know how to have a good time!

#5 Dine in the Dark

Dine in the Dark

Imagine you’re having a nice dinner with your family, and without any warning, all lights are off. Such a spoiler to the whole dining experience, right? For some, dining in complete darkness is an adventure. Your other senses are heightened, as you taste every dish without actually seeing it.

If you’re one of those thrill seekers, there are restaurants with a similar concept all around the world where you can enjoy your very first dining in the dark experience!

Have you been to a more bizarre restaurant? We welcome recommendations anytime! 🙂