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11 travel essentials you should buy before your year-end trip

Planning to end the year on a high note with a well-deserved holiday? What a fantastic idea! But first, make sure you’re well-prepared with these must-have travel essentials that you should bring along.

Trust us – you’ll be glad you did!

Waterproof cosmetics bag

Cosmetics Bag

Who doesn’t love things that are not only cute, but practical too? To ensure you’re looking as glam and #onfleek as possible during your trip, don’t forget to safely pack your make-up in this waterproof cosmetics bag. 💋

Packing cubes

Packing Cubes

If your packing method involves randomly tossing things into your bag, a handy set of packing cubes is a real game changer. You’ll no longer have to dig through the depths of your bag to find a sock, as there’s a place for everything and everything in its place.

Portable clothes hanger/dryer

Portable Clothes Hanger

You might be thinking to yourself, “But most hotels provide hangers… Why would I need to bring my own?” Hold your horses. This hanger doubles as a dryer – for your shoes. Because there’s nothing worse than having to walk around in cold, damp shoes. 👟

Anti-theft backpack

Anti-theft Backpack

Most people travel with a fair amount of gadgets on them these days, from smartphones to cameras. Keep your gadgets safe and juiced up while you’re on the go – there’s an external USB port that connects to a powerbank so you can charge your devices and keep your hands free.

Travel pouch

Travel Pouch

Worried about keeping your valuables safe while traveling? This discreet pouch helps keep important items such as your passport, money and smartphone close at hand, while the strong elastic straps fit securely and comfortably around your waist.

Moisturizing serum

Moisturizing Serum

Sitting for hours in an airplane can be incredibly drying for your skin, so pack a travel-size bottle of skin serum to help keep your skin hydrated. By the time you’ve arrived at your destination, everyone else will have parched skin while yours will be glowing.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Made from fermented papaya, petroleum jelly and wax, this handy ointment has been touted to have multiple uses, from preventing chapped lips to keeping your eyebrows nice and tidy. Thanks to its many uses, it’s pretty good to have on hand while traveling.

Mini 2-in-1 hair straightener and curler

Mini Hair Straightener and Curler

If you’re the kind who won’t leave the house without your hair perfectly put together, this one’s for you: a mini hair straightener that does double-duty as a curler. Whether you’re in the mood for straight-as-a-pin hair or soft curls during your travels, you can easily get it sorted with this. Its small size also means it won’t take up much space in your bag!

Chargeable mini fan

Chargeable Mini Fan

Going someplace hot and humid? This charming handheld mini fan will be a lifesaver. Not only does it come in pretty colors and is easy to carry around, it also comes with a stand and can be recharged via a USB port.

Retractable phone cable

Retractable Phone Cable

If you’ve traveled in a group before, then you’re probably familiar with this scenario: there’s only one charger port, but everyone needs to charge their phones and they all use different models. The solution? A USB cable that comes with multiple connector heads, such as a Lightning cable, a Micro cable, and a Type-C cable. Get one that retracts into a case at the press of a button so you won’t have to deal with detangling cables.

Tripod and lens kit for smartphones

Tripod and Lens Kit

This one’s for the smartphone photography enthusiasts – level up your Instagram game with the help of this set, which comes with an adjustable tripod and four lenses that can accommodate most smartphone models. Say cheese! 📸

You can find all these items and more on Shopee – and at affordable prices too! (Psst, take advantage of the special deals on 10 Nov during the 11.11 Big Sale and you may just come away with 11% OFF your next hotel stay, courtesy of Traveloka. 😁)

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