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3 cool things to do in KL besides shopping at Ramadan bazaars

We know, we know. It’s important to conserve energy during Ramadan. Still, it’s no excuse for you to just stay at home this month. This is actually the best time to check out some of the attractions in Kuala Lumpur as it’s low season and the crowd will be thinner than usual!

We’ve compiled three places to have some fun with your family and friends, without exerting too much energy. They’re all indoors, so you can visit them come rain or shine. Let’s check them out!

Bake kuih raya at 123 Bake, Sunway Velocity Mall

123 Bake StudioSince Raya is just around the corner, why not take up a baking class so that you can impress your guests with some homemade kuih raya this year?

123 Bake StudioEquipped with all kinds of baking appliances and ingredients, this kitchen has everything you need to practice baking. Choose from 40 recipes for sweet desserts including chocolate brownie, Japanese cheese tart, or chiffon cake. First-time baking? No worries! The DIY baking class is made super easy with  tutorial videos played throughout the lesson. Missed some instructions? Fret not, you can playback the video for as many times you need.

Sign up now and learn how to bake like a pro!

Photos: Courtesy of 123 Bake Facebook page

Play with your senses at Museum of Illusions, Bukit Bintang

Museum of IllusionsLocated at Ansa Hotel in Jalan Bukit Bintang, this interactive museum has more than 70 exhibits designed to boggle the mind.

Museum of IllusionsExplore unique exhibitions that will pique your curiosity. Our favorite is the, Vortex Tunnel, in which the rotating cylinder that you’ll be walking through appears to knock you off your feet, despite you standing on a completely stable and flat surface.

Museum of IllusionsHow about turning into a giant or seeing your friend shrink in size into a tiny dwarf? The Ames Room’s amazing visual distortions will have you laughing with your friends with amusement and disbelief. TGet your tickets with special discounts on Traveloka now!

Photos: Courtesy of Museum of Illusions official website

Defy gravity at KL Upside Down House, near KL Tower

KL Upside Down HouseThe KL Upside Down House, just outside the KL Tower, is the latest and biggest Upside Down House in Malaysia following similar versions in Sabah, Penang, Melaka and Port Dickson. The funny-looking house consists of rooms with everything inside turned topsy-turvy. Even the exterior looks like it’s been flipped over by a tornado!

KL Upside Down HouseEnjoy trying out different angles while posing for pictures. The helpful staff would even suggest new poses to try out and be your photographer. Pro tip: Rotate the photo 180 degrees and show your unassuming friends on Instagram your new superpower to defy gravity!

KL Upside Down HouseIf you’re looking for unique places to visit in KL, make it to the KL Upside Down House! Save more by buying your tickets on Traveloka!

Photos: Courtesy of KL Upside Down House Facebook page

See? We told you there are plenty of things to do in KL even during Ramadan. Once you’re done with these activities, head over to one of these Ramadan bazaars to buy your buka puasa meals! That, we think, is a day well spent! What else are you waiting for? Get your tickets on Traveloka with our special discounts, and treat your family to something fun!

Wondering what else to do in KL? Check out our nifty guide on family-friendly attractions and where you can buka puasa this Ramadan.


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