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The Best Time to Visit Maldives – You’ll Never See Beaches the Same Way Again

Maldives (Constance Halaveli Resort & Spa)

No place in the world tops Maldives when it comes to beautiful beaches. The sand is white and powdery, the water a glowing blue that glistens in the sunlight. It’s indeed a breathtaking sight and the marine life below the shore does not fail to measure up. So, when is the best time to visit Maldives? We’ve sorted out the different seasons to suit your activities and budget!

Low season: May – November

The low season starts in May, where there is plenty of sunshine, but also rain. If you’re on a budget we recommend the low season as flights and resorts are at their cheapest. This also means there will be less of a crowd! Don’t let the light rain stop you from enjoying the pristine water, you can still snorkel and dive. Maldives is still beautiful in the rain! If you’re not looking for a tan and simply want to enjoy the spas and resorts, no one’s judging you for staying indoors.

Shoulder: March – April

Prices are still relatively cheap during this period as compared to the high season. The weather ranges from 30 to 35 degree Celsius with an occasional warm shower. The hottest time of the year in Maldives is in April so steer clear if you’re not a fan of the heat! Surfing season begins in march all the way till October.

High season: December – February

The high season is when Maldives is at the peak of its beauty. In December, you won’t spot a single cloud in the sky and January and February will leave you high on sunshine! Get ready to spend the entire day sunbathing, enjoying cocktails by the beach or snorkeling and diving in the blue sea! When the night rolls in, the sky full of stars is a sight you won’t forget. Bear in mind that the high season is the most expensive time to visit Maldives due to holidays like Christmas and New Year.

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