Gili Islands
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Beautiful Paradise on Earth: Gili Islands, Indonesia

Gili Islands

Imagine yourself on one of three deserted islands. All of them have white-sand beaches and tall coconut trees where you can sit right under relaxing, sipping on a refreshing juice and reading your favorite book.

Sometimes you reach a spot where you find no one else but you. And just after you witness one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen in your life, you have a lovely resort or a one-of-a-kind guest house to welcome you. At night, right after you savor some of Indonesia’s best authentic dishes, you take a walk outside to enjoy a view of beautiful stars in the sky.

This is the kind of experience you’ll have on the Gili Islands. Such moments become even more wonderful when they are shared with the ones you love. Come over to the Gilis upon your visit to Indonesia. These islands are what I like to call “heaven on earth”.

Whichever of the three islands you decide to visit first, good and fun times await you.

Re-discover Yourself While You Explore Gili Meno

Gili Meno Paradise

The smallest of the three, Gili Meno has some of the finest beaches around. This is where you should go if you want to escape the urban lifestyle for a little while. The island, which is still underdeveloped, will give you what you come for: peace. So get your hammock ready and just relax while you’re there.

Some travelers spend their time here just walking around the island. Why not? Imagine all the things you’ll see!! For the playful and adventurous, diving and snorkeling are on the island’s agenda. Oh, there is also a bird park there that hosts over 300 birds. The best part about it? The birds are free to fly as they please.

When it comes to dining, there are plenty of local cafés around where you can savour mouthwatering local cuisine. One can also enjoy some grilled fish by the beach during sunset. In terms of accommodation, travelers get to choose to stay in simplicity or luxury. The popular choice is the array of huts by the beach. Looking for a treat? Book a bungalow over the island’s northern part.

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Relax and Unwind at Gili Air

Gili Air Paradise

Gili Air may not be as popular and developed as its other counterpart, Gili Trawangan (also known as Gili T), but it’s still a popular choice among budget travelers, island explorers and those who would love to rub shoulders with the locals. Divers also come here to see the island’s colorful marine life.

A new ATM machine and the increasing number of dining places also indicate that it is slowly catching up with Gili T. So whether you’re traveling in luxury or on a small budget, Gili Air has got you covered.

Here, you can still see many of its locals living a simple lifestyle by fishing, farming coconuts and making boats. And of course, a simple lifestyle is typically accompanied by peace and tranquility which makes Gili Air an excellent destination for honeymoons and quiet retreats.

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Enjoy Your Nightlife at Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan Paradise

Apart from being the largest of the 3 islets, Gili Trawangan is also known for its powdery white beaches, clear blue sea water, luxurious resorts and lively bars.

Although most of its visitors are backpackers, the island welcomes traveling families of all ages. It offers a variety of luxury villas, boutique bungalows and budget guesthouses. There are also many activities to do here such as snorkeling, diving, island-hopping, shopping, cycling and many more. Just take your pick!

The island bans any kind of motorized transport, so cycling is common on the island.Families and couples on a honeymoon would usually travel by pony carts, also known as Cidomos.

Not everyone who goes to the bars will be drinking or clubbing. Some travelers just want to enjoy their nightlife with a nice dinner, whether by themselves or with their loved ones, while watching live acoustic shows. Travelers like me on the other hand prefer to sit by the beach while listening to the waves of the ocean.

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Each of these three islands has its own special attributes.

For individuals wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities and be left alone, Gili Meno is just right for them.

On the other hand, for those who want to escape a hectic urban lifestyle yet still be surrounded by people and fun places, Gili Trawangan is their best pick.

As for Gili Air, it offers travelers with a taste of what the other two islands have to offer.

Whatever your pick is, you will surely have a blast of a time in any of the Gili Islands! =)