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Gotta ‘Gram ‘Em All: 6 Hong Kong’s most Instagrammable spots

It’s no secret, social media is indispensable in the millennials’ lives. We love scoping out new cafés, choosing our next photogenic vacation, purely based on what we have seen on Instagram. And Hong Kong fits the Instagrammability in every way, with its stunning cityscapes, idyllic fishing villages or bustling streets lit up with iconic neon signboards. 

So, make sure you charge your power bank, get an unlimited Internet data package, and start practicing on the perfect selfie angle to get ready for these 6 photogenic locations in Hong Kong that deserve a spot on your Instagram feed!


Choi Hung Estate

Choi Hung Estate
Credit: @pinnprd

Let’s start with Captain Obvious: Choi Hung Estate which is located in the Wong Tai Sin District of Kowloon. No doubt you would have seen photos of the colorful public housing estate. There’s a story behind the brightly painted estate, aptly named Choi Hung which means rainbow in Cantonese. The flats were given a colorful facelift as part of the Hong Kong government’s effort to gentrify suburbs, and inadvertently made it a tourist spot among locals and foreigners!  


Graham Street Graffiti

Graham Street Graffiti
Credit: @tahliaalonaritis

Hong Kong has quite a number of best-loved street art — there’s a Laughing Woman graffiti along Peel Street, the huge Man Fung Building transformed into a Rainbow Thief mural and other Insta-worthy graffiti spots. But, our favorite is the one on old Hong Kong townhouses on Graham Street. This iconic mural just gives us the most old school vibes. You’ll see flocks of tourists and locals alike hanging around the street, looking for the perfect photo-taking angle.


Monster Building

Quarry Bay
Credit: @edcake

Hong Kong is a crowded city, and filled with many housing complexes that look like pigeon holes from afar. But no building captures the eye-popping density of Hong Kong’s tower blocks quite as well as the Monster Building. Well, it’s actually a nickname given by locals because it’s not actually a single building, but an E-shaped complex, connecting five different buildings together: Oceanic Mansion, Fook Cheong Building, Montane Mansion, Yick Cheong Building, and Yick Fat Building.


Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak
Credit: @fung.jpg

This unobstructed, spectacular view of the cityscape — Hong Kong Island on this side, and Kowloon on the opposite side, separated by a narrow body of sea water —  is what makes Victoria Peak one of Hong Kong’s most popular attractions. By dusk, the city is all lit up by skyscrapers against skies with dazzling pink and orange hues as the sun sets.

Tip: Ride the old school Peak Tram — which is a standalone experience — up to the Victoria Peak.


Lai Tak Tsuen

Lai Tak Tsuen
Credit: @wxfernandes

Lai Tak Tsuen in Tai Hang Road, owes its popularity to its unconventional design. The estate’s geometrical beauty and spellbinding bi-cylindrical structure is so famous, it was even featured in K-Pop boy band GOT7’s music video, a Coca Cola commercial and was a filming location for the movie Dumplings.


Lok Wah South Estate

Lok Wah Estate
Credit: @__yammm

Before you say, “What, another housing estate?”, let’s assure you that Lok Wah South Estate is not about the residential building. Lok Wah’s most photographed assets are the rooftop of its south garage and the colorful children’s playground. The turquoise-colored concentric circles make a fascinating and, of course, Instagrammable backdrop.

Tip: Lok Wah South Estate is definitely off the beaten path and a little trickier to reach, but you know the drill, do it for the ‘gram.

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