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Free urban spaces to visit in Singapore that will not leave you broke and bored

Text by: Amanda Hong


To some, Singapore is home. To others, it’s a boujee (and expensive) place to visit. It doesn’t help that Singapore has a super strong currency that would make us cringe upon checking our wallets and foreign exchange conversion. Or that the characters in Crazy Rich Asians had lived fabulously in this island nation. The bottom line is, Singapore gives the impression that you’ll only have a good time here, if you have a fat wallet. 

And where does that leave us, whom from the core of our very Asian hearts; love, live and breathe anything that’s free? So, we took the challenge to find amazing public spaces in Singapore that does not cost an arm or leg to go to, or anything at all. And surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard. 

We’ve compiled here, some of our favorite spaces in Singapore that you can take a breather, cure boredom or just admire the cleanliness and beauty of the city for free. Just so you have some extra dollars for that second Singapore Sling. 


A little green, a little classical: Singapore Botanic Gardens

Credit: Singapore Botanic Gardens Facebook

You can’t go wrong with greenery and music, and we’re sure it’s gonna sound even better because it’s a free show — soothe your eyes and ears here at the Singapore Botanic Gardens where The Singapore Symphony Orchestra regularly hold free concerts! Nothing beats a tranquil atmosphere, not to mention being nestled among lush tropical greenery and pretty flowers. 

Fun fact: The well known Tembusu tree on your S$5 note can be found here too! 

Tip: Go early and bring a picnic basket! 


Call it a date: The Esplanade Roof Garden

Credit: @javan

Aside from your date, the view from here is pretty amazing too. Watch the sun go down and the iconic landmarks light up. Depending on where you stand, have the Marina Bay Sands and One Fullerton as your romantic backdrop. Then, you can lean in and get down on one knee (just giving you ideas). You can also have a mini picnic up here, or just come up to enjoy the twinkling lights that shower the city like colorful fireflies.   


Look at the stars and how they shine for you: Science Centre Singapore

Credit: @tohyota

You don’t have to be a space geek to enjoy some stargazing! Luckily for us, The Singapore Science Centre Observatory is one of the few in the world that’s next to the Equator, AND it offers FREE stargazing. Come by on Fridays (weather permitting) between January and November to take a peek into what’s up above! For the best experience, you’re advised to arrive by 7.30 pm, as there are limited spots. 


Escape the buzz: Green Roof at Marina Barrage 


It’s a park, but better. It’s a park on a roof as large as four football fields. The skyline and open sea aside, it’s a place where you can fly kites! If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can always have some soaking wet fun with water activities like kayaking in the city reservoir, with water that’s calm all year round. It’s amazing how something as common as a reservoir can be turned into a place for recreational activities. 


Get a book hangover: [email protected]

Credit: The Straits Times

Libraries certainly deserve more recognition — it’s peaceful, air-conditioned, and you are surrounded by books. This library overlooks Sentosa and a waterfront view. So in other words, it feels like you’re having a reading retreat by the beach. With over 200,000 books available, you can spend your weekend tucked away in between pages! Who knows, you might even meet your best book worm friend within this space.


Movies by the beach: Sentosa


So, you are cool to just chill with Netflix at home but if you feel like levelling up, head to Palawan Green, Siloso Beach Walk Sentosa where they screen movies every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They also often screen movies from different countries each week, so you get to soak up some foreign culture as well! Bring some snacks, sit back, and enjoy a movie with some friends or family.


Get fit for free: Singapore Sports Hub 

Credit: Singapore Sports Hub Facebook

If you have time to kill, why not use it right and have it free of charge! There are daily fitness sessions like Zumba, Yoga, Pilates or Kick-boxing available here for anyone — just turn up in sports attire and bring your own mat. There’s also a park for skaters and roller-bladers, an outdoor gym and a kids playground available. Talk about variety! 

Schedules of the sessions are available on the Singapore Sports Hub website. 

We’re all trying to toe on this fine line between having a good life without needing to spend too much. Hopefully, this guide can help you a little. Happy exploring! There is so much to see and do in Singapore — visit the zoo, spend a day in a theme park… the list is endless. Check out our promotions to inspire your next trip to the city.

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