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9 awesome activities you can do to bond with Dad this Father’s Day

Growing up, your dad was likely your first teacher and constant protector, showing you how to ride a bike, and how to pick yourself up and try again after falling down.

However, when Father’s Day comes around, it can be tough to figure out what to get him. A tie? A pair of socks? A toolbox?

Well, how about this: spend some quality time with him. We’re sure it’ll go a long way towards making him feel appreciated, and hey, you may just learn something new about your dad!

If you’re not sure what kind of activities he’d like to do, here are some of our favorite things to do with Dad:

1. Organize a barbeque or potluck Father's Day Barbeque

Is your dad a fan of Guy Fieri’s TV show, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”? Bring the family together and fire up the grill for a good ol’ fashioned barbeque that he’ll enjoy.

You can even make it a potluck and get family members to contribute their own dishes. Nothing pulls a family closer than sharing good food.


2. Watch a live sporting event

Do you often find your dad sitting in front of the TV, cheering his favorite sports team on? Get him tickets to a live sporting event so he can support his team from the stands.

It’s more fun when you’re sharing the excitement with fellow fans, joining in chants and Mexican waves. And if his team emerges victorious, it’s all the more sweet.


3. Take him on a fishing tripFather's Day Fishing

Did your dad take you fishing when you were a kid? You may have been too young then, unable to sit quiet for long periods of time and easily grossed out with the idea of attaching live bait to your fishing hook.

Maybe now you can appreciate sitting in companionable silence with your dad and the zen-like peace that comes from fishing.


4. Treat him to a luxury movie experience

Is your dad a major movie buff? If he’s never experienced watching a movie in the comfort of luxurious settings, then now’s the time to acquaint him!

From spacious reclining seats that feel like you’re sitting on a cloud to a personalized call-waiter service, your dad will feel like a king as he enjoys the latest blockbuster flick.


5. Race him one-on-one at go-kartingFather's Day Go-kart

If your dad’s a speed demon, challenge him to a go-kart race! Race him around the track a few times and see who’s the fastest and most skilled driver.

But, you know, as it’s Father’s Day, you may want to go easy on him and let him win a leg or two. 😉


6. Eat your way on a foodie trail

Who doesn’t love good food? If your dad is a cuisine connoisseur, take him on a foodie trail to appreciate all the can’t-miss dishes a city has to offer.

You can then walk off the excess calories by exploring the surrounding area or join a walking tour. You’ve got plenty of nearby options to choose from as well, from Malaysia’s favorite foodie haven Penang to the chic cafes of Kuala Lumpur.


7. Hit the linksFather's Day Golf

If your dad’s idea of the perfect weekend is spending a few hours at the nearest golf course, then why not play a few rounds with him?

You can practice your golf swing and putting technique while shooting the breeze with Pops. Golf not really your style? Then perhaps you can try putt-putt golf instead!


8. Go on a hike

For the dads who love spending time out in nature, join them on one of their favorite hikes. If your dad’s anything like mine, he’ll even quiz you on the names of plants and animals that you encounter.

Time your hike just right, and you can even catch a spectacular sunrise or sunset, made all the more memorable because of the company.


9. Pamper him with a relaxing holidayFather's Day Holiday

Does your dad love traveling as much as you do? (That’s probably where you got it from.) Show him your appreciation for all he’s done by splashing out on a well-deserved break, just the two of you.

Stumped on where to take him? We’ve got you covered: check out our list of 5 luxury hotels to splurge on that will be well worth your money.

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