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5 rustic routes in Malaysia that are best explored by cycling

For those living in Klang Valley, there are plenty of places nearby that are perfect for cycling, from Putrajaya’s family-friendly parks to the mountain biking trails of Kota Damansara Community Forest.

But if you’re keen to explore Malaysia’s quaint kampung roads beyond the boundaries of a city, then check out our favorite spots that were made for a day of cycling.

Balik Pulau | Penang

Balik Pulau

When you’re in Penang, it’s inevitable that you’re going to indulge in food and drink, so work off all those excess calories you’ve consumed with a cycling trip through Balik Pulau. Located on the southwestern end of the island, this slice of paradise has paddy fields and sleepy fishing villages galore. Also popular are the abundant fruit orchards, which are teeming with durian lovers during durian season.


Taiping Lake Gardens | Perak

Taiping Lake Gardens

Originally the site of a tin mine during the British colonial days, Taiping Lake Gardens was transformed into a picturesque garden and is actually the oldest public garden in the country. Generations of Malaysians have appreciated the charms of its centuries-old rain trees and Victorian-style gazebos overlooking the lake. Take to the winding trails on your bike and cycle around the 10 lakes and ponds scattered across the grounds.


Sekinchan | Selangor


Considered Selangor’s rice bowl, Sekinchan is famous for its wide swaths of paddy fields, which offer a breathtaking view of brilliant green rice shoots just before harvest season. Actually, even the harvest season, with its golden crop, is a sight to behold. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, you can upgrade your bicycle to a quadracycle (four-wheeled bicycles), which are available to rent in the area. Oh, and you won’t want to miss out on the fresh seafood, either!


Federal Route 3 | Terengganu

Federal Route 3

Snaking down Peninsular Malaysia’s East Coast is Federal Route 3, which runs parallel to the coast. However, the views you get while cycling along this road are unparalleled. The stretch between Chukai and Kuala Besut is considered the most scenic, as small villages and coconut trees give way to views of the ocean. You’re sure to find many distractions, though, from warungs selling yummy East Coast fare you won’t find elsewhere to quiet, sandy beaches you’ll have all to yourself.


Kiulu | Sabah

Credit: Sharif Putra / Shutterstock

This one’s for all you seasoned cyclists thirsting for adventure. Set in northwest Sabah in Tamparuli district, Kiulu is not only known for its white water rafting activities, but also its breathtaking countryside with dirt tracks for cycling. Carefully make your way across a swaying suspension bridge and stop by a native Dusun village for some snacks and drinks. Later, you’ll trek through rubber estates and ride alongside Kiulu River. 

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