5 Reasons Why Tasmania Needs to Be On Your 2017 Travel List
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5 Reasons Why Tasmania Needs to Be On Your 2017 Travel List

Tasmania, formerly known as Van Diemen’s Land until 1856, holds a world-class reputation for offering the greatest tourism experiences in Australia. Even Aussies who haven’t been there are putting the island onto their bucket list. Lonely Planet has also recognized Tasmania as one of the must-visit regions in the world to explore.

From historical sites that will take you back in time to cultural events that’ll surely entice you, Tasmania has plenty of travel goodness to offer. Here are our 5 reasons why Tasmania needs to be on your 2017 travel list.

1. Rich with amazing natural wonders

Tasmania's natural wonders and
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If you visit Australia mainly to explore its natural wonders, the good news is there’s so much you can see and do in a place like Tasmania. In fact, the island which has about 500,000 inhabitants, is a popular destination among backpackers, who like the rest of the world, are fascinated by the country’s unique beauty.

While you’re there, visit three of its popular waterfalls: Russell, Montezuma and Guide falls. You are allowed to camp, have picnics, and swim there. Do as you like as long as you don’t abuse your natural surroundings. Don’t leave these spots without photographing them. They’re absolutely beautiful and worth capturing!

The Tasmanian Arboretum is also equally amazing. There, you can soothe your eyes with stunning views of beautiful flowers and plantations. The botanical garden, which is just 10 kilometers from south of Devonport, provides you with enough space to roam freely on its peaceful landscape filled with trees of various kinds.

Also, don’t forget to explore the Tarkine Forest Reserve, a massive temperate rainforest with sand dunes that hold strong connections with the Tasmanian Aboriginal people. The diverse landscape is home to some of Australia’s most wonderful mountains, rivers, cave systems, and many other great wonders waiting for you to discover.

Bay of Fires, Tasmania
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As you explore Tasmania deeper, you’ll come across burnt orange rocks that you might not have yet seen in your life. Where else can you find them if not Tasmania? They are specifically located in a place called the Bay of Fires, a place where you’ll find white beaches, clear water, and of course, the orange-hued rocks that will not disappoint you.

Just seeing them wouldn’t be enough. You’ll likely want to do more there. The site is free after all.

2. Memorable sightseeing experiences

Enjoy memorable sightseeing experiences in Tasmania
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Home to a decent number of significant travel sites, Tasmania welcomes visitors to one of its historical sites, the Port Historic Sites, which have been recognized as one of Australia’s top attraction among tourists. The site is located on the scenic Tasman Peninsula in the south-east of Tasmania. At the open-air museum, you’ll be introduced to the history of Port Arthur through an educational tour that will brief you about the former convict settlement.

In Tasmania, you can find amazing art and enjoy cultural experiences, too. Visit the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, and the Queen Victoria Museum. The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), which is the world’s most far-out museum according to CNN, is also exceptionally wonderful, where you’ll be enchanted by its unique antiquities and modern as well as contemporary art.

Salamanca Market, Tasmania
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Another attraction that’ll excite you is the Salamanca Market, a free outdoor market that opens every morning on Saturday, along the Salamanca Palace (which is another site you need to check out!) next to the Hobart waterfront. Shop till you drop there! From scrumptious local food to creative handicrafts, there’s so much you can splurge on there, and the locals are really friendly, too!

3. Land of cool adventures

Tasmania is a land of cool adventures
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Massive land, diverse flora and fauna, and some of the world’s most amazing creatures, Australia is undeniably a land of wonderful adventures, and if you look forward to creating a story of epic adventures in the Land Down Under, Tasmania is the right place to do it!

Venture further into Tasmania’s wilderness and you’ll find the adventures you’re looking for. Sure, it’s nothing like what you’ll experience in New Zealand, another country on the Southern Hemisphere; that’s is why you need to go Tasmania now to see it what it can offer you!

Love hiking and jungle exploration? Great! The Tasmanian mountains are calling for you. Go to Wellington Park where you can enjoy its natural wonders and other features such as its 500 native plant species, bird species, and ground animals including the platypus, echidna, and bandicoots. The attraction is family-friendly and there are plenty of picnic spots that your whole family will be able to utilize. If you wish to extend your trip and spend a night there, you’re free to camp in the park’s designated zones.

Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park
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The Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is another great place to suit your interest towards Australia’s local wildlife. Get your binoculars ready for this attraction will be worth watching from any distance. The park houses incredible gorges, picturesque mountain peaks, world-class wild rivers where rafting and canoeing are made popular in summer, and many others that you’d want to tell all of your friends about.

4. Home to some of the world’s unique animals

Tasmanian Devil
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A long time ago, there was the Tasmanian tiger, the country’s largest surviving carnivorous marsupial, that used to roam freely in Tasmania, at least until 1936 when the last one died in captivity. The Tasmanian tiger had dark brown striped fur (somewhat of a tiger), a very sharp set of teeth, and a powerful jaw. Its jaw can amazingly open wider than any other mammal! There have been sightings of the creature over the past few years. Although it’s difficult to prove that it might still be out there, especially after it was officially declared to be extinct, its current existence remains a mystery.

Unique and rare creatures that still walk on the face of the earth, in Tasmania, are the Tasmanian devil (that looks nothing like the one in Looney Tunes), eastern quoll, bettong, pademelon, platypus, wombat, and other pouched mammals.

Sea lions in Tasmania
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Not only is Tasmania home to some of the most unique animals in Australia, it’s also home to some of the country’s cutest (but not always cuddly) local residences! If you happen to hear smacking noises as you’re walking in the bush, you’re probably hearing the sounds of jack (male) and jill (female) possums. If you hear something different, like a weird kind of laughter, a kookaburra might just be nearby. Yes, the bird’s laugh is like a human’s laugh!

5. Because everything about Tasmania is awesome

Adventures in Tasmania
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There’s something about Tasmania that makes it so special to Aussies, and Tassies especially. Maybe it’s the mountains? Maybe it’s the water? Maybe it’s the local residences? Whatever it is that makes Tasmania unique and different to other islands, it’s agreeable that Tasmania is not your typical tropical island.

Away from the country’s major cities, Tasmania might just be the place where you’ll want to spend your retirement days. A place like Tarkine and Franklin are two places where you can relax and allow mother nature to comfort you. As you explore them, listen to the sounds of the forests and discover some of the oldest and biggest trees you’ll ever encounter.

Aurora Australis and Milky Way at Cremorne in Tasmania Australia
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When darkness falls, lie down with your head on the ground and gaze at the sparkling stars above you. Tasmania has some of the best stargazing and aurora chasing spots such as Bruny Island, Hope Beach, Cradle mountain, and Swansea. Of course, if you’re already equipped with a telescope in your bag, you better off using it to identify the zodiac constellations above you. Perhaps, the Milky Way, too.

Whether you’re young or old, there are always areas in Tasmania where you can hop into a kayak and paddle your way around its local rivers and see. Be sure to pay attention to the steep cliffs and rocky shorelines around you. They’re amazing!

However, if you’re more into the cultural things that Australia has to offer, don’t worry; you’re still at the right place. At Queenstown, local and international artists will occasionally perform, and you’ll be able to witness a number of great art festivals, too. While you’re there, enjoy the music and let it heal your soul.

Are you ready to explore Tasmania? Get your boots ready, visit Traveloka, and start planning your Tasmanian adventures today!