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5 iconic K-drama filming locations in Seoul you can visit IRL

Do you often spend your free time glued to your TV or laptop screen to catch the latest K-drama that’s got you hooked? If you’re a certified K-drama enthusiast, then there’s no doubt that you’ve been planning a trip to visit the memorable sites and backdrops of your favorite scenes.

Here are our top K-drama filming locations that you should definitely check out when you’re in Seoul:

N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower

Overlooking the city from the top of Namsan Mountain, N Seoul Tower is one of Seoul’s most distinctive landmarks and a popular romantic spot for local and foreign lovebirds. It’s common for couples to add their own padlock to the hundreds of colorful lovelocks that have been left behind over the years.

You can cuddle for warmth as you ride the cable car up to the tower like Jan Di and Jun Pyo in “Boys Over Flowers” or you can take the scenic route via the Sam-Soon Stairs (named after “My Name is Kim Sam-Soon”, the K-drama that made it famous) and through Namsan Park.


Featured In: “Boys Over Flowers”, “My Love From Another Star”, “Rooftop Prince”, etc.

N Seoul Tower Cable Car – Boys Over Flowers

How To Get There

Via Cable Car: Take subway line 4 (light blue) to Myeong-dong station, take exit 7 or 8 and you will be in front of an office building/bank. Wait here for the free shuttle that will take you to the cable car station.

Via Bus: Take the Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus (02, 03 or 05) from Myeong-dong Station, Chungmoro Station, Dongguk Univ. Station, Seoul Station, Itaewon Station or Hangangjin Station. (More info here.)


Admission Fees

Observatory: Adults – 10,000 won | Children (3-12 years) & Senior Citizens – 8,000 won

Cable Car: Adults – 8,500 won (return); 6,000 won (one-way) | Children (3-12 years) & Senior Citizens – 5,500 won (return); 3,500 won (one-way)


Naksan Park and Ihwa Mural Village

Naksan Park

Known as the Montmartre of Seoul, Naksan Park gets its name from its rolling hills, which are said to resemble the humps of a camel (“nakta” in Korean). Cutting through the park is an ancient fortress wall that you can walk alongside on the walking paths. The gentle hills offer a mild workout, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Ihwa Mural Village
Credit: EQRoy / Shutterstock

Just next to Naksan Park is Ihwa Mural Village, a hillside village that’s full of murals so pretty, you won’t be able to resist posing for some photos. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s also a well-loved spot for those filming K-dramas. The village is also filled with charming cafes for you to rest your tired feet.


Featured In: “Should We Kiss First”, “Because This Is My First Life”, “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon”, etc.

Naksan Park - Because It Is My First Life

How To Get There

Take the subway line 4 to Hyehwa Station and exit the station via Exit 2. Walk past Marronnier Park and when you reach a street called Dongsung-gil to your left, turn into that street. Keep going until you reach the Lock Museum. After 50 meters, turn right on to Naksan Gongson-gil street then walk until you reach Naksan Park.


Sanmotoonge Cafe


If you’re a huge fan of the wildly popular series, “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince”, then you won’t want to pass up the chance to visit the cafe that stood in as the home of Choi Han-Sung. Dubbed as the most picturesque cafe in Seoul for both its antique decor and breathtaking views, it’s also a bit of a challenge to get to, as it’s located in the quiet mountainside neighborhood of Buam-dong.

However, once find it, you’ll half expect Han-Sung’s fluffy dog, Terry, to come bounding out of the house to greet you! If it’s a pleasant day, grab a table at the patio, where you can enjoy your coffee while appreciating the mountain vistas.


Featured In: “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince”

Sanmotoonge Cafe – Coffee Prince

Address: 153 Baekseokdong-gil, Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Opening Hours: 11.00am – 9.45pm  


How To Get There

Take subway line 3 to Gyeongbukgung Station and exit at Exit 3. Keep walking straight until you reach the second bus stop, the one with an LCD sign. Board either bus 1020, 7022, 7212 and alight at Buam-dong Community Service Center. From the bus stop, turn right and walk slightly uphill along the street.

Turn left but do not cross, you’ll see Clubespresso on the opposite side of the road keep walking uphill. Follow the road towards a fork in the road where there’s a 3-level white building. Take the road to the right and keep walking uphill until you spot the yellow Volkswagen Beetle.


Korean Folk Village

Korean Folk Village
Credit: Gregory Johnston / Shutterstock

Step back in time and discover ancient Korea at Korean Folk Village, also known as Minsokchon, a living museum located in Yongin. Here, you’ll be immersed in traditional Korean culture that dates back to the late Joseon period. You can get hands-on by taking part in cultural classes on shaman faith or seasonal customs. Or be awed by the various cultural performances, from martial art on horseback to a traditional wedding ceremony.

Visitors can also enjoy traditional Korean foods, like jeungpyeon (steamed and fermented rice cake), injeolmi (rice cake coated with bean powder), bukeo-gui (grilled dried pollack) or pajeon (green onion pancake).


Featured In: “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, “Jewel in the Palace”, etc.

Korean Folk Village

Opening Hours

February – April: Weekdays 9.30am – 6.00pm / Weekends 9.30am – 6.30pm

May – September: Weekdays 9.30am – 6.30pm / Weekends 9.30am – 7.00pm

October: Weekdays 9.30am – 6.00pm / Weekends 9.30am – 6.30pm

November – January: Weekdays 9.30am – 5.30pm / Weekends 9.30am – 6.00pm


Admission Fees

Adults (ages 19 and up) – 18,000 won | Teenagers (ages 13-18): 15,000 won | Children 13,000 won


How To Get There

1) Get off at Gangnam Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 10 or Sinnonhyeon Station (DX Subway Line), Exit 6. Take Bus No. 5001-1 or 1560 to Korean Folk Village.

2) Get off at Jonggak Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 3-1. Take Bus No. 5500-1 and get off at Korean Folk Village 3-way Junction Bus Stop.

3) Get off at Suwon Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 5. Take Bus No.10-5 or 37 to Korean Folk Village or Nagok Village.

4) Get off at Sanggal Station (Bundang Subway Line), Exit 3. Take Bus No. 37, 10-5 or 5001-1 to Korean Folk Village or Nagok Village.


Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel

Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel – Goblin

You’ll probably recognize this tunnel from the humorous moment in “Goblin”, where Kim Shin and the Grim Reaper were seen doing a dramatic walk through this tunnel after buying green onions, only to have the spell broken when a motorist passes between them, forcing them to leap out of the way.

Known as Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel, it’s located in the neighborhood of Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu. If you wish to recreate the scene, be sure you watch out for any oncoming motorists!


Featured In: “While You Were Sleeping”, “Goblin”, “Dream Knight”, “Manhole”

Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel – Manhole

Geolocation: 37.560188, 126.941271


How To Get There

To get here, go to Sinchon Station on line 4, Exit 2. Turn left when getting out of the station and follow the road for 200-300 meters. The tunnel entry will be on your left-hand side. Some people come from the other side and use Megabox Sinchon as a landmark to find this place; you will need to follow the building and you will eventually end up at some stairs that lead you down to the tunnel.

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