travelokaPay by Traveloka

Introducing travelokaPay, a Highly Secure and Easy Payment Feature for Your Flight and Hotel Booking

Traveloka takes its customers’ user-experience seriously. Therefore, we’re constantly working to improve our products and services to ensure a better and more positive user-experience.

Introducing travelokaPay, our latest feature, specially designed to serve as a one-stop payment for flight and hotel bookings.

travelokaPay by Traveloka

travelokaPay makes payment much easier, especially for travelers on the go, as it merges all payment methods ranging from transfers via Internet Banking, to debit and credit cards, in one place.

To start using this feature, simply ensure your Traveloka App is updated to the latest version, version 2.9.

How is travelokaPay different from TravelokaQuick?

TravelokaQuick has been rebranded to My Cards

Using Traveloka App version 2.9, you’ll no longer see TravelokaQuick but travelokaPay. Despite the re-branding, you’ll still be able to make payment using your registered credit card.

The app introduces its latest feature, CVV Authentication, for highly secure transactions

Besides the name change, Traveloka offers the latest security feature, called CVV Authentication, which aims to provide more secure transactions. The upgrade is highly essential as it secures all payment done via your Traveloka account. Nobody else but you are able to authorize your transactions.

With this feature, you can be assured that your account is securely kept from any unauthorized parties. Only you will have access to the CVV code found on the back of your credit card.  

Features that are available on travelokaPay

Other than the name change and the app’s new feature, nothing else has changed. You can still use your travelokaPay and make payment as usual. There are no additional  steps for you to follow.

The only difference is that your payment flow is now much smoother and more secure than before. Isn’t that wonderful?

Prefer a different mode of payment? That’s OK too

If you prefer to make payment via Internet Banking, you can continue to do so. travelokaPay offers a variety of methods to accommodate your payment needs. Here’s the complete list of  payment methods offered by Traveloka:

  • Credit Cards (including My Cards – previously known as TravelokaQuick)
  • Internet Banking
  • Debit Cards

Your user-experience and satisfaction matter to us. And this upgrade is specially developed for you. With travelokaPay, you can book flights and hotels confidently!