Songkran fESTIVAL

A 3D2N guide in Chiang Mai to wring in Songkran  

The Songkran, which means “transformation” in Sanskrit, marks the new solar year in the Buddhist calendar. Celebrated between 13 and 15 April each year, it is a major festival in Indochina, with celebrations in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. But seriously, no one does it quite like the Thais.  What began as a solemn act of pouring water on Buddha statues, and splashing water at the devotees to wash away past sins and bad luck, Thailand’s Songkran celebration is a full-fledged water street party!

Whether  you’re visiting the kingdom to celebrate the Songkran Festival for the first time, or an ardent fan of Songkran celebrations, our downloadable 3D2N itinerary in Chiang Mai will help you soak in some culture and water!

The itinerary covers the best spots in the city for water fights, the must-visit temples as well as a budget breakdown and useful tips to make your Songkran celebration as smooth as possible. So, water you waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

Chiang Mai itinerary Chiang Mai itinerary

Chiang Mai itinerary

Chiang Mai itinerary

Chiang Mai itinerary

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