Your 3D2N itinerary to navigate Amsterdam like a local

World-famous museums, tulip gardens, beautiful canal houses, laid-back bars and quirky restaurants, the list of things to do and see in Amsterdam is endless! If this is your first time here, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to navigate this world-class city.  But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate 3D2N guide to Amsterdam here!

This downloadable itinerary (which you can keep on your smartphone while on the go) will be your best friend when exploring the beautiful city. The itinerary covers the essentials for a first-timer in Amsterdam, as well as some of the city’s best-kept secrets. We also included a budget breakdown and useful tips to make your stay as stress-free as possible. Like they say in Dutch, laten we beginnen! (It means let’s start)


With so many things to do and food to eat, planning a trip to a new city could be overwhelming. Check out our comprehensive itinerary posts, a bi-weekly city guide to help you plan your holiday!

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