4D3N itinerary to eat, pray, love and shop in Bali

Text by: Farah Fazanna Zulzaha

Illustration by: Julia Tan


Bali may be known as the Island of the Gods, but life on this island can be such a dream even for mere mortals like us. This impression is made even stronger in recent years through Elizabeth Gilbert’s popular memoir Eat, Pray, Love, in which cycling through picturesque rice fields of Ubud or dipping your toes into a rose petal-filled bathtub could bring epiphanies on freedom and life’s longings (hands up if you believe Bali is the best place for soul-searching!). 

Romanticism aside, Bali is popular among tourists because it has something for everyone. Want to surf? Head over to Kuta. Hit up Seminyak if you want to shop for one of those rattan handbags. If the Balinese culture piques your curiosity, Ubud is your haven. Want to indulge in a romantic getaway complete with floating breakfasts? The answer lies in Jimbaran.

How about experiencing it all? Take this 4D3N downloadable itinerary to Bali alone or with your gal pals for a getaway that will not only tingle your senses, but who knows, might even get you to stay on this dreamy island for good! 

What else are you waiting for? Surf’s up!

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