If I won a ticket to Australia

#MyTravelokaEscapade: The Things I’d Do in Melbourne If I Won a FREE Vacation From Traveloka

Australia (or ‘Oz’ as the Aussies like to call it) — is a country located in the southern hemisphere that holds its very own rich and authentic history. Also known as the Lucky Country, the Land Down Under, and even the Land of the Long Weekend, Australia is more than just earth’s massive land and continent. It’s a multicultural country which is home to indigenous people and migrants from 200 countries, the one and only Great Barrier Reef, and some of the world’s deadliest and most unique animals.

For someone who appreciates nature and wildlife, people and culture, modernity, and old traditions, Australia is one of the countries I need to visit before I die. Yes, I’ve made myself clear; it’s basically my dream vacation. Should Traveloka approve my dream and give me a FREE vacation to Australia today, my first stop would definitely be Melbourne. Why? Simple. There are just soooooo many things I can do there! Let me tell you how I’d explore Melbourne with my all-paid trip if I won my dream vacation.

Visit a Cat Cafe on Queen Street

I’d get cosy with the delightful rescue cats at Australia’s first Cat Cafe on Queen Street. Just like the popular cat cafes in Japan, we’d come face to face with these happy and well-loved felines living the high life. Pet, play and even feed them, plus even enjoy a cuppa coffee with fellow cat lovers!

Hop with kangaroos (perhaps take a selfie, too!)

If I could do boxing with kangaroos, I would. But that just means I’m looking for trouble. So I’d hop with them instead, and maybe take a selfie!

Kangaroos may be big and strong, but I personally think they look very goofy most of the time. As Australia’s iconic animal, kangaroos are one of the many reasons why I want to visit Australia so much. The Melbourne Zoo organises close-up encounters with these curious creatures.

Hop with kangaroos in Australia
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Go crazy over cute animals

There are so many beautiful animals in Australia and many of the ‘dangerously’ cute ones can be found in Melbourne. I can imagine myself exploring and then come across cute koalas lazing on trees, sugar gliders and bush possums jumping from one roof to the other, kangaroos boxing in the middle of an open field (only in Australia!), or wombats and echidnas strolling in the parks and bushes.

But if our fates don’t cross, I can always see them and other Australian animals at the local zoos or wildlife parks. Of course, I prefer to see them roam freely, not in cages.

Watch migrating whales in Australia
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Watch migrating whales for the very first time

I’ve never seen a whale. I believe that seeing one is going to be one of the best moments of my life. In Melbourne, I’ll have the opportunities to experience whale sightings. I need to see these whales in action, and I can do that on the waters along the Great Ocean Road. 

Between June and October, I would be sure to include whale watching to my trip, from the dunes of Logans Beach, Victoria’s southern right whale nursery.

Explore Melbourne’s National Park

If I had the chance to go to Melbourne (thanks to Traveloka!), I want to visit the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Home to more than 100km of walking tracks, it’s a great camping, picnic, and trekking spot. Honestly, I don’t mind getting lost there! Other activities that can be enjoyed at the National Park: birdwatching, bushwalking, fishing, whale-watching, fishing, swimming, and barbecues.

Royal National Park in Australia
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Feel like a child again at Luna Park

The last time I was in a theme park was 2 years ago, when I went to Ocean Park, Hong Kong. I want to feel like a child again and hopefully Traveloka will give me that chance.

I’ll be over the moon if I get the chance to go to Luna (which means ‘moon’ in Spanish!) Park. I heard it’s good and the views are amazing. There’s no entry fee required to enter the historic park. But the rides aren’t free, of course. 

Note: Online purchases are cheaper! Like the rest, I’m looking for fun and that’s what Luna Park is all about. Should I get there on my birthday, that’ll be awesome! After all, Luna Park frequently hosts parties, even weddings! So, please Traveloka, take me there!


These are some of the activities I can think of, at least for now. You might have noticed that most of the things mentioned here involve nature and free attractions. That’s because I find peace within nature, and I seriously don’t know what I’ll do in Sydney as there are just so many things to do there. I might end up doing everything! But if Traveloka sends me there right now, I’ll tell you all about it after I return. 😉