Hua Hin Railway Station by pojiegraphy

8 Asian Instagrammers that will trigger a serious case of wanderlust

Since the invention of camera phones and photo apps, it’s never been easier to document your travels (and perhaps add a little filter to pretty it up).

If you’re looking for some travel inspiration for your next trip, look no further than Instagram – there are plenty of intrepid travelers who regularly share breathtaking photos of their adventures.

While many travel Instagrammers post images of far-flung destinations, there are quite a few out there from Asia who can’t help but highlight places closer to home within the region.

However, scrolling through these Instagram accounts will either leave you feeling green with envy or burning with a desire to travel the world, so press “Follow” at your own risk!

1. Junanto Herdiawan

Billing himself as the “Flying Traveler”, a quick glance at Junanto’s Instagram account will reveal why: most of his photos feature him “levitating” in mid-air at landmarks around the world. Neat trick! (He has even generously shared with his followers how to do it themselves.)

Junanto’s day job working for an Indonesian bank may sound boring to you, but it’s what allows him to travel. Besides a love of traveling, he’s also an avid foodie, and believes that a country’s financial growth and happiness is not only a product of its economy, but its culture, history, and society.

Follow him at: @junantoherdiawan


2. Nur Safuraa Abd Razak


Safuraa’s photos are light and airy, yet vibrant. Besides traveling extensively around the world, the fun-loving architect from Malaysia also loves to discover local gems around her home country.

Follow her at: @aaput


3. Kenneth Ephraim Surat

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Hello spring!! 😆😀 🌸🌸🌸

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Kenneth is an architect by profession, but considers traveling his calling. So far he’s been to 34 countries (and counting!).

Besides traveling overseas, you’ll see many photos showing the wonders of his home country, the Philippines.

Kenneth also designs and produces artisan leather products perfectly suited for all travelers, such as journals, travel pouches for gadgets, and passport covers, which you can check out at @suratjournals.

Follow him at: @kennethsurat


4. Mohd Shahril Fawzy (“Pojie”)

Mohd Shahril, better known by his nickname “Pojie”, is a Malaysian travel and lifestyle writer.

According to Pojie, traveling allows him to “step out of the comfort zone and explore what other countries have to offer”.

With a passion for photography and videography, as well as a thirst for adventure, you’ll want to step out of your comfort zone too after looking at his photos.

Follow him at: @pojiegraphy


5. Kama Btara

Indonesian photographer Kama uses his talent and sharp eye for detail to promote the Southeast Asian country’s lesser-known gems.

His photos not only feature beautiful scenery, but models who are just as aesthetically-pleasing, while his faded style adds a dimension of wistfulness to his images.

Follow him at: @kamabtara


6. Hadhinah Felice

Hadhinah, who goes by Hannah, was born and bred among the lush Bornean rainforests of Sandakan, Sabah in Malaysia. 

A self-employed travel writer and photographer, she has since traveled to all 50 U.S. states with her husband in an epic cross-country roadtrip, and plans to conquer the rest of the world.

Follow her at: @hannahonearth


7. Jelito de Leon

We gotta say we’re huge fans of the dreamy, faraway style in Jelito’s photos. You really get a sense of space and the vastness of the world through his lens.

Working as a freelance lifestyle photographer, Jelito calls the Philippines his home, and he manages to encapsulate its beauty through his clean, minimalist photos.

Follow him at: @jelitodeleon


8. Cia Wardhana Roesman

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Swing~ #weekendlist_net

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If you live in Jakarta, then you’ve probably heard of Cia. As an announcer for the city’s TRAXFM radio station, Cia’s playfulness and outgoing personality come out in her Instagram photos.

Hipster from head to toe, she’s featured in most of her photos, adding a chic touch to her already lovely surroundings.

Follow her at: @ciawardhana

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