15 travel gifts that will make you everyone’s favorite Secret Santa

As the year winds down and the gift-giving season is near, we’ve got Secret Santa exchanges to think about, whether it’s in the office or among friends.

Do you know someone who loves to travel the world, but you’re not sure what would suit them? We’ve got the perfect gift ideas based on their traveling personality that will make you a hit come Christmas time:

The Ultra-organized Traveler

These travelers dot their i’s, cross their t’s and basically have everything neatly in place. That said, even the most put-together of us still need a bit of help, and that’s where these gifts come in handy.

Baggage Organizer
Source: OEE / Amazon

Baggage organizer set

Packing and unpacking is usually one of my least-favorite parts of traveling, but with these babies, it’s a cinch. They typically come in the form of pouches or cubes, and help separate your clothes and accessories, in addition to maximizing the space in your suitcase.

Travel Wallet
Source: Zoppen / Amazon

Travel wallet

How is a travel wallet different than your typical wallet? Well, it stores everything a traveler needs in one useful place, from your passport and flight tickets to your mobile phone and cash. Be sure to keep it safe, though!

Travel Journal
Source: Sovereign-Gear / Amazon

Travel journal

Forget Facebook and Instagram: a trip of a lifetime is best remembered when it’s recorded in a journal-slash-planner, so you can look back on it from time to time. There are various types, ranging from the sleek and serious to the fun and colorful. Pick one that will suit your favorite adventurer best.

The Beauty-conscious Traveler

For those who manage to look effortlessly flawless after a 13-hour flight, these are their secret weapons.

Travel Bottles
Source: LUOYIMAN / Amazon

Travel bottles

Ever hate it when a cheap bottle to store your toiletries leaks all over everything else in your bag? Get a proper long-lasting set that’s made for traveling. Or better yet, get them a travel set from their favorite beauty brands.

Travel make-up brush set
Source: Andre Lorent / Amazon

Make-up brush travel set

Store your make-up brushes in a compact, easy-to-pack brush holder to ensure that your make-up stays on point.

Cosmetics Bag
Source: NiceEbag / Amazon

In-flight cosmetics pouch

Keep your cosmetics on hand for touch-ups before landing in a stylish transparent cosmetics pouch that will make going through security hassle-free.

The Globe-trotting Traveler

There are travelers, and then there are travelers. Those who fall in the latter category always have a bag packed for their next adventure the next time a long weekend rolls around. These gifts are just the thing for those whose love of traveling is a part of their DNA.

Smartphone lens kit
Source: Fotopro / Amazon

Smartphone camera lens set

For the slick smartphone photographer whose Instagram feed is to die for, these lenses will help them get the perfect shots during their travels.

Scratch-off World Map
Source: Luckies of London / Amazon

Scratch-off travel map

For a fun way to keep track to all the countries you’ve been to (and those you’ve yet to visit), use this scratch-off travel map.

Carry-on Bag
Source: High Sierra / Amazon

Carry-on bag

A versatile and durable carry-on bag is every frequent traveler’s best friend. Get one that can fit everything you need for your trip and is easy to carry around.


The Gadget-savvy Traveler

You probably know one of these – they can’t stand to go anywhere without their gadgets, they’re like an extension of them. These gifts will make traveling with all their devices in tow so much easier.

Universal Travel Adapter
Source: BESTEK / Amazon

Universal travel adapter

It’s hard to keep straight what kind of plugs or voltage is used in the country you’re traveling to. This is why a universal travel adapter is a must-have, as it can easily adapt to any system and acts as an extension cord, allowing you to charge all your devices in one go.

Power Bank
Source: NIFTY / Amazon

Portable power bank

When you’re out and about during your travels and running low on battery, a portable power bank is a godsend. You won’t find yourself stuck somewhere with a dead mobile phone again.

Travel cable organizer
Source: Uncommon Goods

Handy cable organizer

This prevents all your various cables and earphones from getting tangled up. No more spending precious minutes detangling your cords!


The “Comfort is King” Traveler

For those who have trouble getting any shut-eye during long-haul flights, these gifts are a blessing. They’ll be able to get the best sleep of their life on the plane.

Merino Travel Kit
Source: Parachute

In-flight travel kit

This travel kit comes complete with a cozy blanket and sleeping mask so you can rest in comfort.

Neck Pillow
Source: Shutterstock

Neck pillow

Catch some zzz’s without getting a crick in the neck with this comfortable neck pillow.

Noise-canceling Headphones
Source: AKG / Amazon

Noise-canceling headphones

Snoring neighbor? No problem! With these noise-canceling headphones, you can block out the rest of the world and dream in peace.

While these gifts may be great, they fall second to the greatest gift of all: the gift of travel! Check out Traveloka for awesome hotel and flight deals so you can plan a 2018 getaway with your best travel buddy.

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