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The top 5 activities in Singapore for your next getaway

The summer-all-year-round weather makes Singapore a great place for vacations and getaways. Not only does Singapore have a multicultural influence on its architecture, but the diverse variety of food in the country is also world-renowned. From Michelin star hawker stalls to fine-dining restaurants, Singapore is home to one of the best food in the world. However, there’s so much more to see than just buildings and food. Here are some of the top destinations in Singapore to visit for your next getaway!


Universal Studios Singapore

Credits: Universal Studios Singapore

A day in a world-class theme park is definitely a fun-filled one! Located at Sentosa Island, this is the second Universal Studios in Asia, making it a huge attraction since its opening in 2009. Universal Studios Singapore is separated into seven themed zones, each with its unique characteristics.

Enter Universal Studios Singapore via Hollywood or venture into Sci-Fi City’s futuristic metropolis. Then step back in time to explore the prehistoric world of The Lost World and Ancient Egypt. Journey to the Kingdom of Far, Far Away, where fantasies and dreams do come true, and if you like to move it, move it, move along to Madagascar. This tropical jungle setting features a water boat ride and a kid-friendly carousel.

S.E.A. Aquarium

Credits: @things2doinsingapore/Instagram

If theme parks aren’t your thing, spend a day in the underwater realm of the S.E.A Aquarium. Also located in Sentosa Island, this aquatic paradise is home to over a thousand species of marine animals. 

The aquarium hosts daily shows which showcase the daily lives of the enchanting animals. S.E.A aquarium is also host to several unique experiences that visitors can enjoy. Go behind the scenes with a night at the aquarium or swim with the big fishes and the predators of the ocean.


Gardens by the Bay

Credits: @singaporetimes/Instagram

Gardens by the Bay is home to Singapore’s largest greenhouse. Blooming floral displays span across the conservation park. However, it’s more than just a walk in the garden. This park offers a plateau of awe-inspiring vertical floral displays, learning programs, open performances and events.

Its iconic SuperGrove Tree is already known as part of Singapore’s skyline, offering a beautiful display of modern lights at night. Another attraction is one of the world’s largest greenhouse, the Flower Dome, which is home to an array of tropical plants and herbs. 


Singapore Zoo

Credits: @primodialperception/Instagram

Known for its open concept wildlife reserves, Singapore Zoo allows visitors to roam freely and interact with their resident creatures for an interactive learning experience. Perfect for dates and family day-outs, this zoo is home to many attractions and family-friendly activities.

The zoo is split into 12 zones, each showcasing a unique species. Wildlife tours are a must at every zoo, including this one. Animal feeding shows and performances are also a highlight. Interact with the animals and their trainers at each performance and prepare to be awed by the amazing dexterity, strength and wisdom of the beautiful creatures. 


Art Science Museum

Credits: @mytabularasa_/Instagram

Have a scientifically fun day at the Art Science Museum. Located downtown, this consortium is a futuristic world where art meets science for a visually gratifying and awe-inspiring experience. 

Featuring both temporary and permanent exhibitions, the Art Science Museum is known for its hypnotizing and futuristic light displays and projections. Not only can you interact with the interesting and aesthetically pleasing exhibitions, the museum itself is also an insta-worthy showcase.


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