4 restaurants that’ll take your dining experience to greater heights (some, literally!) 

So, you think you’re an expert on Kuala Lumpur’s fine dining spots and feeling like you’ve “been there, done that” in this amazing food paradise? Well, think again!

When it comes to unique culinary experiences, KL has quite the scene. Let’s dine in a psychedelic-themed restaurant or have a tiny chef prepare your food. Some of these dining experiences will even put new meaning to sky dining. Are you ready for an adventure dining out? Read on!

Let your imagination soar at Whimsy 

Credit: Whimsy Malaysia/Facebook

Tickle your senses at Whimsy, the first multi-sensory fine dining restaurant in Malaysia. Dining at Whimsy is a whimsical experience (but, of course) as it combines state-of-the-art 360 degrees projection technology to create a wonderland-like atmosphere while you enjoy your food. You also get to interact with your surroundings before enjoying your food! In short, the interactive dining experience will tantalize your senses — touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. 

Partnering with Nathalie Gourmet Studio that’s best known for their creative French cuisine, you’re promised fun while enjoying good food. If that’s not the best way to treat your date, we don’t know what will!

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All aboard! Feel fancy at Plane in the City

Credit: Plane in the City

Ever wanted to feel what it’s like to be dining in your own private jet? Then, the Plane in the City is made for you. Yup, that’s right! It’s a restaurant inside a Boeing 737 aircraft! Located at the aptly-named Skyland in Jalan Bukit Bintang, the food is served exclusively by Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur (and yes, it’s halal-certified!).

“Passengers” get to choose three Plane in the City packages  — Economy class, Business class and First class — and you’ll be served three or four courses depending on the package chosen. Also, make sure your camera’s fully charged as you’ll be able to take some photos on the aircraft’s wing area as well as in the pilot’s cockpit. It’ll be a truly memorable experience!

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Check out KL’s skyline at Dinner in the Sky

Credit: Dinner in the Sky/Facebook

Challenge your fear of heights at Dinner in the Sky. Dinner in the Sky is an elevated dining experience, whereby you’re strapped onto seats attached to a crane and then drawn up to 50 meters in the air! Yes, you’ll literally have dinner while hanging in the air! 

Located in the heart of Bukit Bintang, a glittering view of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline accompanies you while you enjoy a delicious three-course dinner. If you’re wondering whether the experience alone is just a gimmick and have doubts about the quality of the food, fret not, the food is also yummy! Prepared by Element Kuala Lumpur, you’ll have a choice of either beef, fish or chicken dish and there’s also a vegetarian menu so you veggie lovers will not feel left out.

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Let a tiny chef cook your dinner at Le Petit Chef

Credit: Le Petit Chef

You’ve probably seen the viral video of a small animated chef “cooking” on your table, all through a 3D project mapping technology. Well, you’re lucky because Malaysia is the first country in Southeast Asia to host Le Petit Chef, a.k.a “the world’s smallest chef”! What does it mean, you ask? Well, the culinary experience is a combination of sight, sound and delicious food prepared by Chef Steve Ariffin at Elements Kuala Lumpur. 

Diners will be entertained by the 58mm tall chef, who gets into all sorts of hilarious acts in his attempts to “cook” your dinner, and each animation is seamlessly projected into real-life meals. But don’t worry, the meals are cooked by real-life chefs! The best part is, the dishes often bear a striking resemblance to the animated drawings of food! It’s certainly an interesting experience that no one should miss! You’ll leave having not just a great meal, but also a captivating show.

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