New Skills To Acquire During the Social Distancing Period

“No time lah” is a pretty common excuse when we complain about not being able to do the things we want to do. During this period however, time is in abundance. While there is nothing wrong with catching up on rest or simply indulging in hobbies, learning a new skill now is also pretty fulfilling! Check out this list of skills you can acquire to keep your brain active and occupied.


Every country has a different language, and in the same way, coding is an important part of digital literacy. Coding is basically a written command directing a computer to do something – that video game you played, the email you sent, the show you just watched on Netflix – all of this would not have been possible without coding. On a bigger scale, it also helps to keep businesses and important software running. Now that technology is moving at a quicker pace, it is crucial that we try to understand as much as we can about our computers. Not only will you be able to do more, you also never know what opportunities will that new knowledge bring!


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This relaxing hobby is a pretty fun way to learn how to stay focused while creating something out of strands of yarn. It requires quite a bit of patience and practice, but the satisfaction is immense. On top of that, therapists have been reported to use knitting as part of treatment programmes for those who are stressed out, depressed or struggling with any other issues. We understand how this time can be mentally draining and this is just one way you can make use of a helpful activity. Knitting materials are relatively low-cost so if you are on a budget, this could just be the perfect thing for you!


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The origin of Calligraphy can be traced back to 206 BCE-220 CE in ancient China, with Western styles evolving from it later on. The beauty of the art lives on until today, and can easily be picked up with minimal materials. After all, you only need a calligraphy pen and paper! If you have seen videos of calligraphy artists, you will know that the process is pleasing to watch, with the additional pleasure of being able to make use of your new skill for a side venture. Many are willing to pay for art, and calligraphy is an undeniably beautiful art form.


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Editing software

Be it a video editing or photo editing software, these skills have become highly sought after in the creative industry. Taking good quality photos are relatively easy but to turn that photo into something extraordinary, a little help is often needed. Visual media are an integral asset today, so having the skills will always come in handy. There are many people who think that mastering editing software is difficult, but they are oh-so-wrong! The progress can be time-consuming but once you have a vision in mind and have gotten the hang of the tools, the sky is your limit. Also keep in mind to start small, and don’t get discouraged.


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A new language

Is there a country you would like to travel to but you’re worried about the language barrier? Now is the time to overcome that! For starters, living in a multiracial country means most of us are already bilingual or multilingual, and more adept to learning a new language. According to the Foreign Service Institute, Dutch, French and Italian are among the easiest languages in the world to learn. Given that it takes some time to learn, you will have plenty of time to practice before heading off to that country you want to visit! 


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