Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, Langkawi: Somewhere over the rainbow

Just when you think you’ve had enough of Langkawi, we have another resort to show off. If you’re reading past the first sentence, it’s too late to close your tab so don’t even bother — you might as well finish reading what we have to say because we’re friends, right? Friends share good things with each other. 

Okay back to the resort — Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa. This resort has all the tropical tranquillity and ethnic charm you’ll ever need. For starters, its architecture — think Kampung-style villas made luxe. The place is pretty huge, so much so that they have buggy service to take you to your chalet. There’s also a lake in the middle of the resort and best of all — a petting farm with chickens, ducks, goats, bunnies, and more.

The lobby 

Credit: Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa

Some quick resort info: 

  • 15 minutes from the Langkawi International Airport (Book your Airport Transfer ride with us!)
  • 30 minutes from Kuah town/Jetty
  • 6-minute walk to Pantai Cenang 
  • Check-in: 3:00pm
  • Check-out: 12:00pm

The entrance greets you with their big lobby-lounge, rather than the reception smack in the middle (not that we’re shaming that). Depending on the time of day, there may or may not be a live band playing some good ol’ tunes from the 80’s. 

While getting the whole check-in situation going, you’ll be served with a welcome drink because, duh? And it even comes with a small chilled towel, use it to wipe your sweat, cool your neck, or to calm that oily t-zone — it’s okay, no one will judge you. 

Garden Terrace Room

Credit: Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa

Measuring 506 sq ft, the Garden Terrace Rooms are nestled in double-storey chalets with balconies that overlook the green gardens. This room is somehow unbelievably cozy, there’s a high chance that it’s ‘cause of the bed — without a doubt, it’s one of the best hotel beds, ever. It’s so comfy to the point where you’ll be tempted to not even bother about the rest of the island. 

Note: Rooms for large families, interconnecting rooms, or wheelchair-accessible rooms are available upon request.

Credit: Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa

Greenery 🤝Meditation

Sip your morning coffee or enjoy your room service meal out on the balcony! The greenery will keep you calm and relaxed, for sure.

Beachfront Room

Credit: Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa

The Beachfront Rooms offer a sea view of the famed Cenang Beach for the ultimate resort experience — wake up or fall asleep to the sound of the waves, if that’s your thing. There’s also the Beachfront Family Room — 592 sq ft that comes with one king-sized bed, one single bed, and a convertible daybed. 

Credit: Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa

Sounds of the waves 🤝Sipping coffee 

Pool Terrace Room

Credit: Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa

The Pool Terrace Rooms offer convenient access to two swimming pools. Speaking of pools — there’s the Cascade Pool, which has a sunken bar with snacks and cocktails available. There’s also the Horizon Pool, with a walk-in jacuzzi — and a Children’s pool including a dinosaur land themed play area. The Horizon Pool also has a call button pool bar service that provides refreshments.

Credit: Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa




There are two options for breakfast —  Cba (by the beach, western food options) or Spice Market (for the Asian palette). If you’re staying two nights, go to both on different mornings! Or better still — both on the same morning. Hotel breakfasts are delicious anyway! 

Kiki Animal Farm 


If you have kids with you, the petting farm would be great to visit! It’s within the resort and it opens from 9am, when they feed the furry friends — goats, chickens, ducks, turkey, bunnies, peacocks, and more. 

One last thing…

At a certain time of the day, depending on your luck — when physics does it thing, light hits the fountain and forms a rainbow. We were lucky enough to witness it! 

Other attractions nearby: 

You may wanna keep this place in mind during your next trip to Langkawi, because she’s a beaut! 

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