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Korean dramas that will take you around the world

Running out of shows to watch? No such thing! Whether you are a K-drama novice or an enthusiast, it’s never too late to get into it. While we understand it’s not the time to travel physically, you can still do it through the screen!


Shooting locations in shows are often selected for their aesthetic qualities and the charm they offer. No green screen nonsense here, these locations are the real deal, and they offer a true visual feast.


Ready for jaw-dropping scenes that will bring you all around the world? We have a list of shows you can check out to do just that.


Are You Human?


Just how much of technology is too much? You be the judge. This show tells the tale of a robot called Namshin III who falls in love with a woman. The twist here is that Namshin III is simply pretending to be the real Nam Shin, who is actually in a coma. Partially shot in Czech Republic, the beautiful architecture and real life hustle and bustle of the city add a great aesthetic quality to the show. Late 19th-century designs make the buildings absolutely delightful and difficult to forget!


Memories of the Alhambra


Suspense, love and strong spirited characters are the perfect ingredients for this thrilling drama. We follow the journey of a headstrong CEO who has a talent for developing video games. He takes a business trip to Granada, Spain to look for the mysterious creator of an innovative video game and ends up in a quaint little hostel belonging to a former classical guitarist. The cobbled streets, stone facades, and exquisite buildings lend an air of magic to the entire show. What better setting for a love story to unfold? With lovely sights everywhere, we wouldn’t blame you if you can’t decide where to look!


The Package


The show tells the story of a group of very different characters who go on a premium tour in France. Watch as these strangers build relationships with each other, handling life, love and other events in a relatable, stirring drama. The best part of it all may just be having the oh-so-picturesque Paris as the backdrop. The charm and romance of the French city is unavoidable, and we just know you will love the sights (don’t forget to also follow the storyline, though)!




As with most Korean dramas, this one is also a romance story between two very different characters. One is a girl who has never lived life making her own choices while the other is a free-spirited person who treasures every moment of his life. Shot in Havana, Cuba, the vintage setting and lovely colors serve as a fantastic backdrop to the drama that unfolds before our eyes. They made use of historical sites like Malecon beach and the Hotel Nacional de Cuba to add that sense of magical excitement, and we can safely say they succeeded!


Scent of a Woman


This drama is centered around a woman in her 30s who works as an entry-level clerk living a dull life. To make things worse, she finds out she is dying. In a final attempt at finding joy, she decides to travel to Japan and live life to the fullest. The iconic lighthouse on Jeju Island is an instantly recognizable landmark and is also the shooting location of one of the show’s more memorable scenes. The lovely beaches and azure skies lend an air of enchantment to this already powerfully moving story, and when your eyes aren’t busy taking in the scenery, you will probably be trying to wipe them dry from all the intense emotions going on.




We follow the story of Dr. Lee Kang, a cold, emotionless neurosurgeon who wanted to become a chef. He meets a warm, loving chef and, as they say, opposites attract. The two soon become attached and unite in their love for food, serving meals to the hospital patients. Shot in Greece in the city of Nafplio, the setting is vibrant and dreamy. Think plenty of sky, sea, and neoclassical architecture in all its glory — truly breathtaking. The cobblestone alleys and turquoise waters will make you want to walk right through the screen.



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