How to use Traveloka Coupons for the best experience

It’s no longer a secret that Traveloka often gives its users coupon codes as a special gift. Various kinds of benefits, such as discounts and cashback, are waiting for those who meet the terms and conditions of a promo. Ever failed to enjoy the benefits of a Traveloka promo?

No worries, we have it all sorted for you here.


Visit Traveloka’s promo page and choose what you like

Did you know that Traveloka has a page full of exciting promos just for you? You can visit this page on your desktop and the Traveloka App.

Though this page offers many great and exciting promos, brace yourself. As a smart buyer, you’ll have to prioritize your needs. Search for promos that correspond to it.

Use the special filter feature that has divided all the promos into several product categories, ranging from Flight, Hotel, to Xperience. Do you still have some money to spare after booking your primary needs? Have a look at the other ongoing promos.


Single-use coupon codes vs. Multi-use coupon codes

There are two kinds of promos on Traveloka, which are promos that can only be used once during the promo period, and promos that can be used multiple times according to applicable policies.

For both single-use and multiple-use, the promo page will always indicate this information in the terms and conditions section. Usually, multi-use coupon codes are affiliated to bank partners or specific payment methods.

Though it can be used many times during the promo period, it still has specific requirements, such as maximum usage time and minimum transactions that must be met.


Make bookings according to the minimum limit

A useful tip to outsmart the minimum transaction limit is to invite friends or family to make a purchase in one Booking ID. For example, you’d like to buy an attraction entrance ticket for one person for USD 10, but the minimum transaction is USD 30. In this instance, you can invite two more people to make a purchase in order to fulfill the requirement and enjoy a discount or cashback.


Pay attention to other terms and conditions

There are some terms and conditions that cannot be ignored in order to enjoy the promo benefits.

Some promos on Traveloka require the use of specific payment methods. Make sure you choose the right payment method for the coupon code.

Besides that, some promos are only applicable on specific platforms; for example, promos that can only work on the Traveloka App. Coupon codes for this promo type can only be valid if you make a booking via the Traveloka App instead of the website.


Easy steps on how to use a Traveloka coupon code

After you’ve read the terms and conditions of the desired promo and have confirmed that your booking meets the requirement, all you’ll need to do is to enter the coupon code before making a payment.

Here’s a simple guide on how to use a Traveloka coupon code:

  • Search for a destination or product to book
  • Choose the applicable payment method
  • In the COUPON section, click APPLY to enter the coupon code
  • Make sure the coupon code you entered is correct
  • Complete the payment and wait for an e-ticket or e-voucher to be sent to you

Equipped with the knowledge of how to use a Traveloka coupon code, you’ll surely be able to successfully enjoy many Traveloka promos now.


Check out Traveloka to get inspirations for your trip!

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