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How to plan little surprises for friends and family during the MCO

Moments in life are meant to be celebrated, be it birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. We understand it may be difficult to plan something during this RMO period, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put effort into making them smile! Do not let physical distance come between you and your loved ones when you can make up for it with these creative ideas and thoughtful gestures. Read on to find out how you can put a little spice in someone’s life!


Birthday video montage


Most people will probably use this quarantine period to catch up on shows or books. Why not create a special, personalized video for their special day? Make use of your resources – basically, the internet – and get in touch with your special person’s friends and family members. Explain to them that you will need everyone to record a short greeting, which you will then compile into a video montage. Chances are they would be more than happy to join in! Ideally, the greetings should be cheerful and filled with messages of love and joy, given that the aim is to make someone happy. Compiling and editing footage is relatively easy thanks to many free tools available online nowadays.


Suggested editing tool::

Create a “birthday box”


Send the party to someone’s home if you can’t be there. Sometimes, getting crafty is a great way to pass the time, and what better way to do that than with a little DIY project? Here are some suggestions on the basic things you can make for the birthday gift box: a cute greeting card, some origami art, or even hand cut confetti. Then either order the gift online (because present shopping isn’t essential, remember!) or make something personalized like coasters, milk candles, or a pretty painting. Put it all in the birthday box and get your friendly delivery guy to send it over! Alternatively, you can also order a gift box online and get it delivered as a reminder that you are thinking of them.


Gifting service to try:


Have a virtual birthday meal

Eating with company is a simple pleasure some of us may be missing out on during this period. Thankfully, a majority of us have gadgets like smartphones, laptops and tablets to help us stay in touch. Why not make full use of your device with a simple meal together over a video call? Houseparty is one of the applications that makes it easy for everyone to get together virtually. But you can also opt for Google Hangouts or Skype. Although physically separated, the fun of having a conversation over a hearty spread never gets old and both (or more) parties will definitely enjoy the refreshed experience! To make things extra special, send over a birthday meal. There are many yummy meal options available online that you can pamper them with! 


Schedule movie night together

There are a plethora of movie features available now thanks to innovative service providers. The most well-known (and probably most widely used) would have to be the Netflix Party. By means of a simple Google Chrome extension, you and your friends can easily watch a movie together, accompanied by a chat box on the right so you can react or interact in real time. Even better, anyone can hit the pause/play button at any time so you won’t have to worry about missing anything if you feel like getting up to get a snack!


Link to Netflix Party:

Go on a virtual shopping spree

You may be far apart, but who says you can’t still shop for gifts together? Share your screen and go on an online shopping spree. Check out cute items and tempting discounts on the huge array of online stores that are easily accessible. From pretty clothes to kitschy items to unique kitchenware, the options are limited only by your spending power. 😉 Treat your special person to a gift of their choice and enjoy it, as after all this is over, the time you spend shopping online together makes for a fun memory!


Send a birthday countdown

Sometimes, the best part of a celebration isn’t the birthday itself. Counting down to the special moment can also be pretty special. If you have the time and resources, you can send the lucky person a bunch of letters (snail or digital) counting down to the day! Either send seven letters all at once – one for each day of the week – or send one a day to add to the suspense. Write fun, thoughtful messages that remind the recipient of things to look forward to. We could all use a little sunshine! Try to include a gift on the seventh day for that extra oomph to the finale. 


For birthday card templates:


We hope these will inspire you with more ideas. Have fun!

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