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5 must-try convenience store food in Japan

Japan is no stranger when it comes to amazing anything-at-all, especially food. Typically, it’s human nature to be intrigued by things that aren’t in our common everyday practice. Hence, if you’ve been to Japan, or know of someone who has been — you know the struggle of wanting to bring every convenience store (known as ‘konbini’ in Japan) snack back home with you. From a huge range of Kitkat flavours (have you had the Sake flavored ones?!), Onigiris, Instant Ramen, and vending machine drinks you see in 7-Eleven, Lawson, or Family Mart — we try to break it down the best we can on ones that you should definitely try out. 

Oishisa Marugoto Natural Potato


This wedge-like potato snack is one-of-a-kind, exclusively available in 7-Eleven stores around Tokyo and Kanagawa. The secret (not so, anymore) to the crunchy goodness of each bite is its vacuum frying process. It comes in a Tasty Salt flavor and Mayonnaise flavor. Record an ASMR video while you’re at it.



You know things are about to get reaaal delicious when you see a hot snack section in Family Mart. Famichiki, short for FamilyMart Chicken, is basically boneless chicken thighs that are seasoned with flavorings eg. spicy, umashio, salt lemon, or other seasonal limited edition seasonings, packed in a mini paper bag for the convenience of every bite.

Ebi-Mirin-Yaki (Shrimp Rice Crackers)


Japan — rice crackers — it only makes sense. It’s basically the perfect snack to nibble on while you’re walking the streets or when you’re just chilling in your hotel room. These ones are mostly known for their large size, thin but crunchy and melt-it-your-mouth worthy.

Instant Ippudo Ramen


We know that the Ippudo ramen chain is pretty popular, but the Japanese are great at both freshly made ramen AND instant ramen. We’d also suggest to give the instant Ichiran ramen a try, but in comparison, the Ippudo one is more widely accessible. It’s perfectly warm, comforting, and slurp-worthy for winter in Japan — and pretty much similar to the real thing, but for a cheaper price so why not?

Kara-age Kun Regular


You’d be surprised, this little yummy-licious snack from Lawson isn’t just low-carb, but it has also been one of the best selling finger foods of all time. These deep-fried chicken nuggets come in fives with spicy, cheese, and the standard regular flavor. 

Sightseeing and exploring the streets of Japan is all fun and games until someone gets hangry — But that’s when these places come in real handy with all the goodness it has to offer!


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