Traveling Pet Peeves

13 traveling pet peeves that will leave you with no chill

Woohoo, you’re going on a long-awaited, much-deserved holiday! You’ve got all your things packed, your passport and flight tickets at the ready and off you go…

But wait, you’ve still got to get to the airport and board your airplane before you can reach your destination. *womp womp*

For those of us who travel often enough, we’ve accumulated a long list of despised traveling pet peeves that you’ll typically encounter on your way to the vacation of your dreams. Did yours make it? (Or are you guilty of some of these?!?)

1. The ones who shamelessly cut the queue at security checks

There you are, minding your business as you wait in line at security checks, when you see someone from behind casually swanning over to the front.

Don’t do this. EVER. Everyone’s in a hurry, so just wait your turn!


2. The ones who ‘chop’ a spot in the queue for their friends and family

Similar to those who cut queue, only they’re helping others to cut in front of you. One minute, you’re next in line, and suddenly a bunch of people appear out of nowhere and are magically in front of you!

Wah, you think you’re at Universal Studios ah, got Express Pass??


3. The ones who act like they’ve never been through security check before

If you’ve traveled before, you know the drill: as you approach the scanners, take out your laptop and any other electronic equipment, take off your belt and anything metal, and be ready to take off your shoes if you’re wearing boots.

Sometimes you have the misfortune of ending up behind people who aren’t aware of this, so they break into a panicked scramble to do all these things when it’s their turn to go through. However, if you’re a cute old person who’s actually never flown before, you get a pass – for the rest, nuh-uh!


4. The ones who try to smuggle things past security check

100ml liquids

There are certain things that are widely known to be banned on flights, such as scissors, knives or more than 100ml of any liquid. Which is why it’s difficult to brain why some people still try to bring these things along, anyway.

It wouldn’t be such a big issue if it didn’t hold up the line FOR THE NEXT 20 MINUTES, causing a major jam for those queuing behind.


5. The ones who are so kan cheong and line up before their rows are called for seating

Kan cheong queuers

Aiyo, wait lah until your row has been called… Otherwise you’re just crowding up the line.


6. The ones who are too lazy to carry their bags and just kick their bags forward while in queue

Or you could just do this, I suppose.

Walao, some people just can’t be bothered to the point that they won’t pick up their bags and move them. Have you heard of those luggage bags with wheels?


7. The ones who start pressing the call button before takeoff

Flight attendants are busy with preparations pre-takeoff, so how about we let them do what they need to do, mmmkay?


8. The ones who sneakily watch what you’re watching on the in-flight entertainment system

Have you ever had the experience of enjoying a movie or TV show on the in-flight entertainment system, only to get a weird, prickly feeling, like somebody’s watching you? So you sneak a glance and it turns out someone is?

Yeah, don’t be that creepy person who looks over people’s shoulders.


9. The ones who try to assert dominance by hogging the armrests

If you’re sitting in the middle seat of a row, it’s an unspoken rule that you get both armrests – don’t argue with me on this. The logic being that the passengers sitting on the sides, be it the aisle or window seat, have an armrest all to themselves already. It’s a small consolation for those sandwiched in the middle.

But don’t you just hate it when you end up next to someone who isn’t aware of this rule? Thus begins the Armrest Wars, which lasts until someone gives up and lets their arm dangle awkwardly to the side.


10. The ones who allow their children to run amok

Parents, please keep your kids in check. We’re flying thousands of feet up in the air – we don’t need to be terrorized by tiny, screechy demons.


11. The ones who push their seats ALL. THE. WAY. BACK.

Look, if you’re sitting on a budget flight or economy seats, space is already a limited resource, so please be considerate to your fellow passengers by not reclining your seat so far back that you’re practically in their lap.


12. The ones that reek of strong smells

It could be food, it could be Minyak Angin Cap Kapak, but whatever it is, it makes for an uncomfortable flight for everyone’s nostrils. Please have mercy on our sense of smell.  


13. The impatient ones who stand up and get their luggage WHILE THE PLANE IS STILL MOVING

Before the plane has even reached the gate, some passengers are busy getting out of their seats, reaching for their luggage and lining up in the aisle. Can we all just keep calm and wait until the doors are open??

No matter how we grumble about our traveling pet peeves, however, once we’ve reached our destination, it’s worth all the trouble. So when’s your next trip? Be sure to book on Traveloka!

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