Introducing travelokaPay, Highly Secure and Easy Payment Method

Traveloka never stops innovating. In order to provide the best service for you as a customer, we just updated the previous payment method into a more comprehensive one, travelokaPay.

travelokaPay provides all payment methods ranging from Transfer via ATM, SMS & Internet Banking, to Credit Cards in one place. To experience this new feature, you only need to update your Traveloka App to the latest version 2.9.

What’s new or different from travelokaPay?

TravelokaQuick rebrands to My Cards

If you used to make transactions through TravelokaQuick, you will no longer see the name in the latest version of your Traveloka App. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t pay using your registered credit cards anymore, as TravelokaQuick simply rebranded to My Cards. It is still functioning the same as it was before.

New feature! CVV Authentication for highly secure transactions

Aside from the name change, Traveloka also provides an additional feature to enhance your payment security. With CVV Authentication, you no longer need to feel anxious about the security system.

By activating this feature, your account is kept secure from any unauthorized uses because you will be requested to input the CVV code of your credit card every time you make any transactions. We believe you alone should know the CVV code at the back of your credit cards, and no one else. With that notion in mind, all your transactions should be safer and more protected.

What remains the same…

Despite the fact that TravelokaQuick changed its name to My Cards, nothing else is different. To maintain the ease and convenience of purchasing through travelokaPay, the payment flow and the amount of payment methods remain the same – only that they are more protected.

Payment flow remains quick and easy

Merging all payment methods into one system doesn’t affect the current payment flow. You will find no additional steps that might confuse you.

There are still plenty of payment methods available

Traveloka still provides a variety of payment methods to accommodate all kinds of customers. Used to purchase through Internet Banking or ATM? No worries, you can still do it!

Here are the payment methods in travelokaPay that remain functional:

  • Credit Cards (including My Cards – previously known as TravelokaQuick)
  • Transfer via ATM
  • SMS and Internet Banking
  • Direct Debit
  • Counter payment & convenience stores

Your satisfaction is Traveloka’s first priority. Not only does the new payment system make your transaction easier, but Traveloka also provides a new additional feature to maximize your payment security.