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By Traveloka 21 November 2012

Our logo is the foremost and immediate representation of Traveloka.com’s spirit and values. Based on that, the logo should be treated and used properly in accordance with Traveloka.com’s standards and guidelines.

The following is the resource for the usage of our brand and/or logo in publication or any representation of Traveloka.com.

Logos are provided in high resolution, PNG format with transparency. Click on image or link for higher resolution.



The primary logo should only be used with light backgrounds where the logo can stand out.
Do not use the logo on top of dark backgrounds and backgrounds with color proximity to colors of the primary logo.

Primary Logo Colors:


Secondary logo (for dark background):


The secondary logo should only be used with dark backgrounds where the logo can stand out.
Do not use the logo on top of light backgrounds and backgrounds with proximity to colors of the secondary logo.

Secondary Logo Colors:

Logo usage guideline

To assure effective and consistent branding communication, there are some rules in positioning and visually styling the Traveloka.com logo. Please refer to the following rules:

The logo and brand are copyrights of PT Traveloka Indonesia. The use of these logos is for informative purposes only.Any alteration to the logos is strictly prohibited. For other official and/or commercial usages, please contact us at: press[at]traveloka.com.
Traveloka.com Official Logo
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Traveloka.com Official Logo
Primary logo. Secondary logo (for dark background). Logo usage guideline.
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